Nozzles for penis enlargement: indications, types, contraindications

The intimate area is an important part of every man's life. Therefore, the representatives of the stronger sex pay attention to their skills and abilities in a sexual way. To give you confidence in sexual life, they assist you with advice on penis enlargement.

Why the need for the nozzle?

the nozzle member

The nozzle is designed with a view to diversify the sexual life and solution of problems with a potency. There are a large number of devices, in order to achieve a variety of goals. Men have used such devices in order to ensure that the size of the article, it became more and more a woman's got the vivid sensations during sex.

The nozzles help to prevent the development of problems in the sexual sphere. Thanks to all of them, the man would have a strong erection, long-lasting intimate contact, and you will be able to deliver your partner maximum pleasure.

The material of the production

Nozzles for penis enlargement are made up of a variety of materials that can help a person to choose the most preferred option. In the production of the following is true:

  • On the skin. Close to the natural leather, helping to convey the same feeling. When using this product, it is quickly heated up to the temperature of the body, and will keep it on all the time. This material has high quality, so it has a great shelf life. The nozzle, made of leather, they have a high price tag, therefore they are rarely used by the men.
  • Silicone. The material is cheap, fairly soft, elastic, does not cause allergic reactions. Products from it is easy to use. Silicone is used for a number of years, but it is also able to deform when in contact with the lubricant in the oily base.
  • Latex. It has a low price. It is smaller than other materials, but it is easy to take care of them, it is very pleasant to the touch and has no smell. Such as silicone, latex does not recommend the use of oil, lubricant in order to avoid the destruction.

Nozzle what kind of material you choose should be decided only on the basis of their own preferences. All the materials are safe for the health of the people, the only difference is in the quality and service life, the possibility of the transmission of the tactile sensations.

It is to the expansion nozzle in the article?

In specialized stores you can find a large number of nozzles made from different materials and in a variety of forms.

With an open head

Apply the product to the thickening of the penis. The nozzle also helps to stimulate the woman's vaginal area, which will allow you to achieve more vivid orgasm. Open the device, as an exciter ring. To wear it only during the time of the excitement, but not of it.

With a closed head

The closed nozzle is often used as a means of protection against unwanted pregnancy. It helps to make the penis thicker and longer. In such devices the walls are thick, which leads to a decrease in the sensitivity. This effect allows you to continue with the sexual intercourse a couple of times.

With vibration and remote control

Available-for-sale and packaging, with the vibro massage. They not only help to lengthen the penis, but to stimulate a woman's clitoris during intercourse. The control head comes with a remote control.

The pimples

The surface of these devices, it is covered with a lot of balls. They may have a different length and height. For the most aesthetic appearance, manufacturers (even the bumps in a variety of patterns.

The spikes

These tips are similar to the previous type, but instead of balls on the surface, they have thorns. The designs can be of different types, different size studs.

With a mustache

The nozzle is also similar to the previous two devices, but instead of the ball and the spikes on the surface level. They help a woman deliver intense sensations during sexual intercourse. In addition, the device allows you to lengthen and thicken the penis.



These tips are real, because as close as possible in color to the natural skin and the anatomic characteristics of the manhood. With their help it is possible to make the member thicker and longer.

The scope of the relief

However, such structures are characterized by a textured surface of a three-dimensional model, in which a woman receives an unusual and pleasant feeling. During use of the nozzle member becomes larger in size.

More about the use of condoms

In the shops, which specialize in the sales of intimate products, you can also find a reusable condom. This is a relatively new product in the world, a sex shop. It manages not only to avoid conception, venereal diseases, and the extension of the penis.


These devices are usually made of silicon. They are designed to stimulate the vaginal walls, in women, in order to maximize the sensation during sex. In addition, they also help to make the article broader, and longer.

The characteristics of the use of

Take care of attachments is fairly simple, it does not need any special knowledge. After the acquisition of the goods, it is necessary to wash it with soap.

Put the nozzle just as easy. They all have their own special ring, which is placed in the scrotum. By doing this, the product is attached to the penis. Wear a design just for you Horny penis. In the first application, it is recommended that you try this for yourself to learn.

On the inside of the nozzle you want to lubricate with talcum powder to prevent abrasion of the skin of the male organ. The lubricant and are applied to the outer surface. Apply lubricant to the penis or to the inside of the product, it is next to impossible. On the contrary, the device is easy to fly out of it during sex.

The views of both men and women

Reviews of the men's and women's sex, with the use of a variety of nozzles. You can find both positive and negative opinions. However, the bad reviews are most often associated with what a person selects the wrong product or purchasing the product is of poor quality.

If you are using a good quality tips, the representatives of the stronger sex say that sex has become more and more vivid, increase the duration of sexual intercourse, increase in libido. The women showed that the use of devices to assist you to achieve the maximum of pleasure, especially of the tips of the embossed surfaces, spines, prickles, tendrils.

Which socket is the greatest?

While the nozzle is considered to be a "well done"; it has a total length of 17 cm, But it has recently appeared on the market a product called "Matador". Its length is 26 cm, and in Addition to this large size, their use might be of the men with a small member, such as a secure.

What size to choose?

The nozzles come in a variety of sizes, so the men were lost when a selection of a desired length. Feedback, in this case, it is impossible, therefore, that it is a strictly individual decision, depending on the type of these parameters and the penis.


The specific contraindications for the use of the nozzles for penis enlargement, but there are a number of recommendations for their use:

  1. Do not use product for anal and oral contact.
  2. Not to be used for more than the time recommended in the instructions. On the contrary, there is a risk that they can make the pathology of the sexual organs.
  3. I don't use magnifiers, if there is any pathology of the blood.
  4. By taking care to use the nozzle should be of the patients who suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

The materials for making the nozzles that are used are hypoallergenic. However, there is always the possibility that you have this idiosyncrasy. In this case, the use of these products is strictly prohibited.

The advantages and disadvantages of the use of the time of the sex

the nozzle

The use of nozzles to increase penis has its own positive and negative traits. The advantages are as follows:

  • Increase the size of manhood length and girth.
  • The possibility of the use of certain types of products, such as barrier birth control.
  • A huge selection of different models, it helps to choose a fixture that has a highly saturated sensations.
  • A slight decrease in the sensitivity of the reproductive organs, thereby increasing the duration of sexual intercourse.

The negative points are more than those of the models that were beginning to grow old. They are, to a large extent reduces the sensitivity of the penis, has undergone deformation due to the motion. The modern products are better. They perfectly capture the feeling of a long time do not wear out.

However, there is still one issue remains. As far as the quality of the nozzle. If a person wants to buy a high-quality product, which will last him for a number of years, you'll have to be a pretty large sum of money.

In this manner, the nozzles for the enlargement of the penis in men is the most effective way to get a better sense of the time of the intimacy. However, we need to choose the the best option for size and quality.