How to make dick bigger at home? 5 surefire way

How to increase penis size at home is a topical problem for most men.

The reason for this is not only discontent with their natural breasts, but the desire to stand out.

penis enlargement at home

A lot of people are interested, since penis enlargement at home is the most affordable and easy way which does not require high material costs.

The main features of the action of the means

The main aspect to increase penis size at home is the regularity and pattern of use of techniques. This allows you to maintain the results and thus contributes to their empowerment. Thus it is possible to significantly increase of a member only a few months.

It is necessary to note that these methods have a number of advantages over conventional surgery:

  • Savings. Home method of penis enlargement usually includes a lot a smaller amount of the cost of the use of different creams, stimulants and, especially, surgery.
  • Easy. To make enough to watch the instructional videos. These videos help to avoid injuries when exercising. Their implementation usually does not require any additional equipment and devices.
  • The lack of reference to the place. To increase of masculinity in any convenient place and in convenient time. The use of such methods does not require compliance with the special conditions.
  • Security. To increase penis size at home can be yourself without serious consequences and damages the body. Knowing effective methods that you can avoid long preparation for surgery and a long recovery after training. In addition, therefore, it is real to protect yourself from the occurrence of side effects.

When a man versed in the methods of penis enlargement, it is much easier to select the necessary and most convenient for you. All the resources you can always choose the technique which will give the desired result.

increase of the member of the house ways

The use of additional materials

Before you start to use the techniques described in the article, it is worth noting that some techniques required additional funds. So, for example, you can use a lubricant (grease) for the massage.

It is also worth noting that the use of enhancement methods that are based on the use of soda each time requires a nourishing cream. You can use the child – it is necessary to moisturize the penis skin and avoid flaking and irritation. This method also require the use of protective cream for hands care of the skin with regular use, it can dry out and crack.

Penis enlargement at home – it is a rather difficult procedure which requires a good patience and high self-organization. When applied properly, literally every method gives you the opportunity to make dick bigger at home for free and rather quickly. Knowing how to increase penis size at home, you can forget about spending the creams and ointments, gels and pills, which often become the subject of counterfeiting.

A review of the most popular tools and techniques

There are a couple of ways. These techniques are suitable for different skill levels and to help realize penis growth in house without any outside interference. The use of such methods for increasing not only helps to save money and protect yourself from scams.

What not to expect from homemade recipes for penis enlargement:

  • Rapidly increase in size. Neither the length nor the thickness of the penis can not grow very fast, without surgical intervention. But, unlike medicine, the use of such techniques allows for the penis enlargement home remedies with minimal side effects.
  • A rapid increase of the duration of sexual intercourse. Despite the stimulation of the blood flow in the penis, which enables erection, duration of sexual intercourse increases not at once.
  • Without additional funds, the effect will be less pronounced. You can increase the member at home and without special creams and ointments, but you have to understand that this way requires more time and patience to achieve the desired result. With the use of ointments and gels, which contributed to increased surface blood circulation, the effect typically manifests itself much faster.
penis enlargement at home with cargo

Methods, from which it is better to refrain

There are some techniques that should not be used, because they can cause more harm than good. It is worth remembering that the home methods of penis enlargement are not always able to carry only favor a technique based on conventional speculation, and therefore more harmful. Therefore, focusing in the methods of the increase, you can restrict yourself from the use of inefficient and harmful means.


The first item will be the hormonal pills. They are positioned as a versatile tool with many positive effects. These medications usually are composed of a large number of hormones and biologically active components.

Their application, in order to increase the size of manhood can benefit only in the period of formation and growth of all tissues at puberty. At the end of the active phase of growth, the rapid increase of the member the use of such drugs impossible.

Because the pill contains a large amount of hormones, which can affect the hormonal balance.

It can cause the development of serious violations:

  • loss of erection;
  • dysfunction of sex glands;
  • defect;
  • violation psycho-emotional background;
  • the development of somatic pathologies.

In addition, it is worth noting that in the hormonotherapy tablets creates a heavy load on the liver and kidneys. But, due to their uncontrolled use can cause serious disorders of these organs.

The suspension of goods

Methods of home penis enlargement technique often found hanging loads of the penis. This technique has quite deep roots that go back in the history of the African tribes. The local men are believed to in the region of the penis lives the Holy spirit, and therefore sought to expand the size of his shelter.

As a result, the boys from childhood hung on the goods of the body member, the gradual increase of weight. This causes stretching of masculinity for a few tens of centimeters. The penis becomes thin and can not maintain a normal erection.

Therefore, if a person is looking for ways to increase member home way, he should refrain from such proposals. Often cite the analogy estenders that is fundamentally wrong. When wearing the penis extender is fixed in a certain position, which does not change. When hanging the goods hyperextension and may even rupture of the tissues of the penis.

Effective techniques for increasing the size of the penis

Home method of penis enlargement is 20% technique and 80% organization. You can often be faced with the negative reviews that are left mainly by people who do not fully appreciate the resources methods. Their proper use helps to make a penis enlargement at home is simple and cozy, and the result is to provide for a long time.

penis enlargement massage at home


One of the most enjoyable and interesting ways of use of massage. Massage helps not only to increase the length of the member in the home, also, has a complex effect on many areas of sexual life of men.

Its use shows a greater efficiency when combined with creams and gels, ointments for penis growth, but in their absence result from the use will still be visible.

Benefits of massage:

  • Does not require attachments. To perform simple vaseline or baby cream.
  • Stimulates the flow of blood. Regular use of this massage improves erection and helps in preventing the development of stagnation.
  • Stimulates holistic growth of the body. With application massage you can achieve that will increase not only the length but also the thickness of the body.
  • The improvement of the potency. The stimulation of blood flow increases the transport of nutrients in the field of massage. This leads to an increase of the libido, improve the quality of sperm and increase the duration of sexual intercourse.
  • The prevention of the formation of malignant tumors. When using the massage restores proper blood flow to tissues, which leads to the prevention of the accumulation in this region of harmful substances.

The use of massage promotes better to not extends only to the corpus cavernosum, but and the skin of the penis. There are a number of videos how to make dick bigger at home with the help of massage. Such lessons contribute to the development of the correct skill that is a key point in this technique.

Their use also contributes to the prevention of injuries and excessive stretching of the skin.

Jelqing has

There are several aspects of the use of jelqing has:

  • The movement of the hands while performing jelqing has must be continuous.
  • The approach of ejaculation becomes the signal for suspension of action. After ejaculation the penis will be more difficult to return to a resilient position, which is necessary for the exercises.
  • The thickness of the body of the penis is a bit similar to Masturbation. In this case, it is almost mechanical stimulation of the flow of blood in the body, which is in the direction of strengthening and stretching of the corpora cavernosa. It is therefore necessary to carry out the increase by using this type of thickness.
  • You must perform the procedure on a daily basis – this will help you to fix the result and to save in the long term.
An important moment!Only strict adherence to all the instructions can lead to a visible result.


Exercise will be an excellent indicator for the doubters of men, the Use of this type of methods allows not only to increase the size of your penis, but also to learn to control your body during sex.

In the process of exercise can increase the member and to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Benefits of exercise:

  • You can do at home, without the help of doctors.
  • Exercise stimulates the increased supply of tissues and muscles. The result is an erection and increase sensitivity.
  • The effect will remain for a long time.

Administration of decoctions and infusions

Suspicious method of penis enlargement at home. It is on the basis of the stimulating effect of the herbs and tannins in their composition. To make such decoctions and infusions can be both internal and local. Feedback on the use of these assets is very vague, but because men are willing to resort to this method.

Note: use only herbs to increase penis size will not work. This technique works best when combined with massage or jelqing has. This allows you to get a more pronounced effect.

The use of baking soda

increase of the member of the house coupons

The use of sodium bicarbonate helps to improve capillary blood flow in the genital area. Also, juice is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. So it can be used to change the length and thickness of the manhood and the purpose of the prevention of diseases.

To be applied as an important component as baking soda, using a few recipes:

  • The implementation of the massage with the baking soda. The most effective and simple method that shows results in just a few minutes after application. A similar action is hot, but the soda is usually found in every home and more affordable.
  • Establishment of cleaning. The procedure with cleaning of the reproductive organs helps to avoid the development of diseases and increases the volume of the member by increasing the flow of blood. This method requires the use of nourishing cream, to after the completion of the procedure, not to overdry the skin of the head and the body member.
  • Baths with baking soda. Can be carried out as soon as the genitals and the entire body. The use of trays helps to strengthen the blood circulation and prevents inflammation. This method gives a guaranteed effect.
  • Compresses with baking soda. Help to make the size of the male sexual organ more for some applications. Use reduces as one of the most effective recipes, and to help to achieve the first results in 2-3 days.

While other representatives of the stronger sex are in doubt whether you can increase the member at home, you can try to do a few lessons on these techniques – they are quite harmless, and in accordance with all regulations. Choose a method – whether it be home remedies, vacuum pump, extender or surgery – depends on the wishes of the men.