How to increase the member with the soda


In the world there are men, who will refuse to increase the manhood proven method. There is a huge variety of ways that will help them to cope with such a sensitive topic, and to restore faith in yourself.

soda for penis enlargement

And in addition to really efficient and effective methods of penis enlargement, the representatives of the stronger sex are looking for new options that will help you with increase in a shorter time, with maximum efficiency.

Recently there was an interesting way to increase penis size with the help of baking soda. Some reviews of men testify to the fact that soda affects the growth of the penis, so that it increases of a few centimeters. Whether so it actually?

More detail to understand the impact of baking soda on the growth of a member, and does it impact at all? In addition, you need to find out who is not suitable for such a method of growth.

Soda to increase penis size

Baking soda is known to all from childhood. It is widely used in the household sense, is almost always used in baked flour products. However, as practice shows, in the modern world, on this wonderful properties of the powder does not end there.

It turns out that the powder is not only able to replace your home first aid kit, helps to eliminate many diseases, but, also, provide for increase of penis.

It is necessary to say that the baking soda does not rise directly from the male organ, it is only one substance which penetrating in human body, can thin the blood. As this capability will help to accelerate the growth of the penis?

  • The comments men show that the therapy with sodium during exercise to increase penis size, provides a more free passage of blood inside the body, especially in the masculinity.
  • As a consequence, during the different exercises which dangerous blood clots, such as Clamping, it is simply not replaceable.

That is, to perform the reviews baking soda helps to increase the effects of the use, manner of growth the penis is accelerated, and the occurrence of various internal complications is minimal.

However, doctors do not adhere to this point of view, despite the very positive feedback men and I believe that the therapy soda "killed" stomach provide serious health problems, then penis enlargement will definitely recede in the background.

How to make a soda?

Despite the opinion of the doctors, you need to learn as men have positive results with this powder.

It should be noted that the men claim that this method helps to increase the penis by 1-2 cm in only one month, and as proof of his words, to show their photo results.

There are several options of intake of sodium, which can accelerate the growth of the penis:

penis enlargement baking soda
  1. The first method involves taking a half teaspoon a day. The powder must be dissolved in hot water (250 ml) to drink immediately after the main meal.
  2. The second method says that in order to get the desired effect, as a small amount of soda, will help, and you want to be added to 250 ml of water, 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
  3. The third method can be attributed to the gradual increase in powder volume. The first dissolve in 250 ml a few grains of soda, gradually increase the amount to one teaspoon.

Despite the fact that this way you can increase the article, the comments on it are quite contradictory. Some people claim that the penis does not grow, but the pain in the abdomen occur.

Other men claim the opposite, saying that the food in powder for growth of a member is a panacea, thanks to her, many were able to increase member, not affected negative effect on the body.

Situations in which the use of soda is not recommended and is dangerous for health:

  • Increasing the acidity of the stomach.
  • If a person has a history of diabetes.
  • Malignant neoplasms.
  • Reduces stomach acids.

If the representatives of the stronger sex has a at least one contraindication, it is better than such a way to give. You can pay attention to other enlargement methods, such as a vacuum pump, which acts on the erectile tissues, stimulates their development, so that member increases in volume.

Not less effective will be the specialized creams that are made from potent herbal ingredients that contribute to the formation of new cells inside the corpora cavernosa, as a result, the authority increased for a few centimetres.


Due to the fact that there is no definitive answer, can you use soda to increase the member, and if it contributes to the growth of his penis, it is advisable to combine the intake of soda and exercise Clamping.

Clamping (of the English language. clamping-yoke) – the main thrust of the exercise is a clip external veins, whereby the blood flow freely into the sexual organ, but the outflow did not occur, or exists, but is minimal. Technique features:

  1. For training need a locksmith or automotive hose clamps, which can pinch on the penis, especially its base.
  2. Initially, this condition may be no more than 5 minutes.
  3. Time frame lessons increases gradually and can reach up to 40 minutes.
  4. In the course of the training, you need to keep moving, even if the person feels uncomfortable.

It should be noted that this training LK of the muscles, promotes the growth of masculinity, even without the use of baking soda. In this regard, given the properties of the baking soda is not proven for the growth of the countries of its receipt it is possible to abstain paying attention to the instruction.

To obtain a lasting effect, the Clamping is necessary to practice every day for several months. If you do not make unwarranted interruption of the services, strictly adhere to recommendations for exercise, you can increase the member 2-3 cm for 5-7 months.

baths with baking soda

In conclusion, it is important to say that the baking soda is a dubious method of increasing the genitals, so it's better not to risk and to give them the advantage of a truly effective and proven ways of Clamping, a specialized cream, vacuum pump, extender, etc. Interesting video in this article offers interesting options for penis enlargement.