How to increase potency?

Quite often, now I meet problems with potency. There are many reasons for the decrease potency. It can happen due to excessive weight, prolonged sexual abstinence, diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system. Influence of reduced potency can and excessive use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco, sedentary way of life. Reduced potency is affecting the quality of life of each person. So many people are concerned about how to increase the strength.

The first thing you need to pay attention to your diet as it plays an important role in the sexual life of every man. You also need to give up bad habits, which only worsen the problem connected with reduction of potency. There is a large selection of products, with which it is possible to increase the strength. It is also possible to turn to traditional medicine.

Folk remedies for fast male enhancement

Folk remedies for fast male enhancement

The main rule is a healthy way of life. To improve the strength you will need to teach yourself to morning exercises. You need to exclude alcohol and cigarettes, as these factors play a major role in the reduction of the potency. Folk remedies, increase the strength, harmless to health.

A great way to quickly increase strength is the use of black organic coffee. It is important to not overdo it. An excellent method is to use the infusion of herbs of ginseng and Eleutherococcus. To get the effect you need:

  1. In a half Cup of liquid, add 1 drop of the infusion.
  2. Every day increase the dose and add, drop by drop.
  3. On day 28, add 28 drops.
  4. The course of treatment should last 3 months.

This recipe can not be applied to those people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

How to restore erectile function? Traditional medicine recommends water treatments. Dial the 2 water tanks. One should be cold water and the other warm. Alternately, you need to dive in the tank for a half hour. Such procedures should be repeated for two weeks. After the break, and then repeat.

For lovers of relaxing treatments to restore power, it is recommended to take baths with the decoction of the pine cones. For making medicine:

  1. pine cones to fill with fluid and send it to a low fire;
  2. boil for one hour;
  3. to postpone for half a day with the lid firmly closed;
  4. after this time, filtered and added to the bath.

To quickly restore your power to use the decoction of Dubrovnik. For its production you need to:

  • 5 tablespoons of dry plants, pour a Glass of boiling water;
  • to wait 45-50 minutes;
  • drugs to be used four times a day 50 ml for two weeks.

To quickly increase the volume of men it is possible to use a decoction of calamus. To prepare it you need:

  • 20 g of root pour a glass of boiling water;
  • the absence of coupons for 8-9 hours;
  • apply 30 ml three times a day before meal.

To strengthen potency, you can just use the fresh roots of the plant.

How to quickly raise the power of without harming the health? In this case, you hives. To prepare the effective tools you need to:

  • hives crushed seeds to a fine powder and add a glass of wine;
  • the whole mass mix well and add the honey.

This tool must be taken half an hour before bedtime one teaspoonful. No less effective with the hives in the composition is the preparation of the salad. In its composition, nettles, eggs, and young onion.

Increased potency in the case of chronic fatigue

Increased potency in the case of chronic fatigue

If the reason for the decrease in strength is chronic fatigue, in this case, it will help to strengthen the bath with the addition of a Bay leaf. In order to use this recipe leaves Bay leaf should be boiled. The infusion added to the bath dialed. The duration of such a procedure is not more than half an hour.

If the house was not a Bay leaf, and then replace it in a decoction of chamomile. It has the same properties, so it also quickly increases the potency. In addition to these baths, it is advisable to do yoga.

Products that increase the power

Diet plays a very important role in the sexual life of the male. To reinforce the strength should definitely be eaten. Every man who is faced with this problem, you have to make a choice in favor of seafood. It is a natural source of zinc. This trace mineral plays a key role in increasing the male potency. So you need to eat as much protein. These types of food include eggs, nuts, dairy products, meat, fish. Also, we should not neglect the use of seeds and legumes.

It is important to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, which are rich in vitamins and minerals. In the preparation of any food is a welcome addition of fresh herbs, especially parsley. When making salads to fill their needed vegetable oil, as that is the source of the whole complex of vitamins.

To enhance the volume you need to add the spices in the tea and coffee. They can be cinnamon or ginger. These spices stimulate the potency and improvement of the General condition of the men.

For dessert, you can use honey with nuts. It is not only tasty and healthy, but also greatly increases the potency. To do this, as small as you can grind the nuts and add the honey. Take 1 tablespoon three hours before bedtime.

If you use any of these recipes, and it is better to use the entire range, it is possible to quickly increase strength and do not cause any harm to your health.

It is important to avoid eating such foods:

  • salami and sausages;
  • mayonnaise and ketchup;
  • meat;
  • too salty foods;
  • carbonated beverages.

You can use the special cocktails that enhance the potency. Their action is directed on increase of testosterone. For the preparation of this cocktail you need to mix a glass of juice from the tomatoes with 3 quail eggs and a little salt.

Essential medicines

 Essential medicines

How to increase potency? In medicine there are many medications that help to increase the strength. Such medications include:

  • enhancement products;
  • drugs on the basis of the johibina;
  • drugs on the basis of the kantaridina.

These funds greatly increase the flow of blood in the penis, promote relaxation of smooth muscle. This expands the blood vessels of the corpora cavernosa, thereby increasing the potency. The main advantage of these funds is to increase the already existing erection. They do not produce artificial sexual desire.

Such tools include:

  • Viagra;
  • Levitra;
  • Cialis.

The effects of drugs from 4 hours a day. The dosage and the frequency of the reception appoints only the attending physician based on the patient's age and overall clinical picture.

It is important to know that increased potency with the help of such drugs impossible with angina, arrhythmia or a predisposition to allergies.


The reason for the deterioration of the functioning of the reproductive system are the stagnation in the pelvic area. To fix this at home, thanks to physical exercises. Effective prostate massage, but it should be performed only by skilled or as video lessons. Improperly performed massage may harm the health.

To effective physical exercises include:

1. Bow. You need to lie on your back and raise your pelvis without lifting the shoulders from the ground.

2. Rotation. Keep the feet shoulder width apart. Performing the circular motion of the pelvis with the greatest possible range of motion.

3. Squat. The feet are spread shoulder width apart. On the exhale, sit down, and inhale to return to starting position.

Very effective is in the performance of home-exercises Kegel. This set of exercises targeted towards strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. After the course of treatment is the improvement of the entire genitourinary system. Exercise does not require special physical training. The implementation of the procedures is the following:

1. At the time of urinating men need some time to suspend the emission for a few seconds, relax and then continue with the urination. You will need to remember what muscle was tense. This training is very useful for providing a stable erection.

2. For the increase of sexual activity and an erection will help the butterfly pose or Cobra. This exercise improves muscle tone.

3. Training for breathing. They help to increase the flow of blood in the penis. This provides every man the normal erection.

To understand how to complete these exercises, you can watch the videos.

Special exercises

The strength is strongly influenced by the way of life. The difficulties of a sexual nature do not occur in the part of the male, who leads regular sexual life, does not abuse alcohol and Smoking, lead an active lifestyle.

Therefore, the increase of potency contribute to the morning Jogging, walking, other physical activities. The impact of such training is much more effective than the use of stimulants. Such loads of the natural way establish circulation and increase blood supply not only the penis, but also of all the other bodies.

From the above it can be concluded that the rapid increase potency need to first conduct a healthy way of life. It is important to abandon the use of harmful food products. Not strong physical activity promotion of blood flow, significantly increases the potency. In the case of medicines, you must consult a specialist before taking them.