Penis growth: methods bezoperatsionnye

Small penis – men is the most common phobia. Does size still matter? If to speak clear language, that the reproductive body is a reflection of the sexual possibilities representatives of a strong half of mankind. And the fact that the penis can be less than "need," causes fear and self-doubt. Most often, these fears are unfounded. But, what if they are interfering with life?

increase the member without surgery

Most men are satisfied with the size of his dick. Some believe that it is necessary to add the length, the other volume. But the ideal parameters do not exist. To determine how much to increase the reproductive organ in erection, which can only empirically. Often the impressive caliber in the relaxed condition does not guarantee extreme performance during the excitation.

According to medical dictionaries, the largest penis had a length of more than 33 and a depth of almost 15 inches. But, this is a rare deviation in size. Statistical studies, conducted in different countries showed that the average body length is 13 to 15 cm

The main feature of the fear of causing desire to rise to the reproductive organs, lies in their intimacy. Men do not discuss them with neither the doctors, nor among themselves. The constant pleasure leads to serious psychological and physiological pathologies. Psychologists say that the anxiety associated with the reproductive organs, often causing the emergence of situational impotence.

Another reason reverent attitude towards masculinity – a desire to compete. Every representative of the stronger sex want to be "faster, higher, stronger" its rivals, and libido is included in the list of "sports disciplines".

Can I safely increase the size of penis? This question has no definitive answer. Most experts agree that the changes are really only noticeable after surgery. But, for the sake of fairness and taking into account the diversity of the options is to take into consideration the other, conservative methods. To ensure the poor and at the same time to protect them from the questionable step, those who are in similar manipulations are not needed.

Bezoperatsionnye techniques

Pump. The use of vacuum pumps provides an instant but short term results. The essence of this method consists in the exposure of the pressure on the circulation. The penis is placed in the bulb that pumps the air. The body gets the greater the amount of blood and an erection becomes more obvious. For the determination of the filling member is compressed by the silicone or rubber ring

A vacuum pump was created for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. They can not be used for other purposes. The unpleasant consequences of the use of such a device include darkening of the skin (microscopic bleeding), swelling, reduced potency, trauma.

Extender. The name of this device is translated as "stretch". The principle of operation is based on mechanical influence on genitals stretching, stimulation of tissue growth. Indeed, the effect of such exercises has been proven, but to achieve even a small increase is necessary to use the device for many years.

penis enlargement.

The disadvantages of using the extender is clear – this is a high probability of serious tissue damage if improperly performed exercises and impairment of blood flow, resulting in impotence. These same disadvantages inherent in methods based on the effect of Ilizarov. Extending from the hanging loads or with the use of manual therapy should be used for the treatment of patients with strong curvature of the penis or extension of the foreskin, not the penis enlargement at home.

Drugs. You've probably noticed the abundance of advertising information for "miracle" fat, creams or tablets that will allow you to get the desired result after a few days. The doctors categorically say that it is cheating. These drugs that is not in the Arsenal of pharmacologists.

The largest number of drugs manufactured using herbs which have a positive effect on the potency or improve erectile function.

It is important to know that material evidence of the penis enlargement the above ways does not exist. The positive effect can only be based on itself.

If the problem is not fictional and is verified in the consultation of a specialist, you need to think about surgery.

Surgical methods

Elongation. Such an operation can significantly increase the size of by cutting the ligaments that is attached to the pelvis. While this weakens the tension becomes visible and a hidden part of the body. After the procedure you will need the use of extender or other device, the stretching of the phallus and does not allow it to heal ligaments. Usually the rehabilitation period is 5-6 months.

Thickening. This is a very expensive operation. To achieve a prolonged effect and to avoid suppuration, especially implant – allograft. Its price is not less than five thousand dollars. Genetically bad tissue from the body is transplanted into the shaft and wrapped leather lasts. This allows you to increase the diameter, but can cause various serious health consequences.

Before you apply to any of the above methods, I think for that you need to change their genitals. From a medical point of view, pathology is if the size of the penis in erection reaches 8 inches. In all other cases, the problem was invented. Every man for himself determines the rate.

References, indicate that the nerve endings, stimulation of which causes orgasms in women are the vagina at a shallow depth (7-10 cm). That is why it becomes urgent the adoption of a well-known sex therapist and Professor of psychology: "When you measure the size of his penis, the tool which you are using, a ruler, and a feeling, which requires confirmation of the confidence".

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If dissatisfaction with particular body gives you peace of mind, it is best to seek the advice of the therapist. Clarification of the cause of the problem, it will help you more effective than questionable ways to change the penis.