How to increase your penis - simple ways without surgery

Good day, dear readers! Let's take a sober look at the reality: the majority of adult men satisfied with the size of his penis. According to statistical data, the increase of self-confidence dreams 8 out of 10 guys. Some see this as almost a problem of the whole life, lose internal confidence and sexuality, the acquisition of thousands of complexes and problems in relationships with the opposite sex. The idea that we need urgently to change something in your body, gradually become an obsession. But, only a few people decide on radical action, agreeing to surgery.

how to increase article

Work – fun unsafe and expensive, and it is therefore advisable to consider other methods of penis enlargement available at home and not faced with serious consequences.

With the help of which you can increase a member for a few months at home

Surprisingly, but often the problem with small size of penis is far-fetched its owner. Men, the length of the penis that will reach eight inches in excited state, can not worry: the sexual body corresponds to the normal performance. But often guys who have a lot of "standard size" (12 to 16 cm in length and 3-4 cm in thickness for the time of the erection), have a tendency to think of increase of a member. Is it possible to achieve truly visible results and make your "friend" thicker or longer, without resorting to surgery?

There are several ways that can affect the size of the male sexual organ. In comparison with the operating method, they are not effective. Moreover, to guarantee the action of at least one of them is one hundred percent impossible. And still the practice of the application of techniques to change the size of your penis says that for good results in the constant desire to reach a goal. To increase the member, it is desirable to use a number of variants of the following:

  • technique of massage and jelqing has;
  • the suspension of cargo;
  • extenders and vacuum pumps;
  • different medications and folk remedies.

Jelking: a simple technique exercises for penis enlargement

So, in short, for each of the methods in the row. For hundreds of years men Asian regions the use of the ancient art of jelqing has, which is the special effects of the penis. More importantly, in the course of this massage, reminiscent of a mild squeezing and milking of a member is in a state of maximum erection. The secret lies in the fact that in half "the weak" happened on reinforced processes of circulation. Massage, movements of the hands that go down, helps stretch the erectile tissues comprising the penis. Exercises should be regular and continuous: every day for at least 20-30 minutes. Over time, the erectile tissues expand when excited, when the blood rushes to the scrotum and the penis, the penis becomes more. The most popular are two options for exercises jelqing has:

  1. The technique of "milking". Pre-heating of the body with a warm bag of salt or a light rubbing, you need to wrap it around the penis at the base. Taking in a smaller circle, which stretches upwards to the head. To start with 30-40 movements for one approach.
  2. The technique of a "strong grip". The hand should firmly grasp the penis, and compress for 10-15 seconds. To make the exercise with strength, but with the appearance of the painful sensations to stop, so as not to damage the soft tissues.

It will help you to achieve greater length and thickness of the article

The second way to make dick bigger at home without surgery and pain rehabilitation hanging goods.

It should be noted that it is one of traumatic, and does not contribute to the variation in the thickness of the body.

The principle of operation is identical to the previous method, and consists in stretching the cavernous bodies. Only if jelking includes stretching of the penis with the help of massage, when hanging the goods on the manhood increase in size is achieved thanks to the world the laws of physics:

  • Porridge penis, gently rubbing it.
  • Next, attach the band-aid in the front part of the head and lock tight the topic.
  • The lace hang small weights (start with 20-30 grams), and leave for 15 minutes.
  • Each time the session should be added, and the weight of the load to increase. The main thing – not to feel in the course of the procedure, the numbness.

Other gentle ways to make dick bigger at home is the application of special devices from the category of intimate apparel. Various extenders and pumps to buy today is as easy as walking to the store for bread. The advantage of this device is to guarantee a long lasting result, but the use of the devices takes a lot of time and causing discomfort. Looped, vacuum or belt extenders (they differ by the way of fixing and price) a few hours of the day. From the constant tensioning member remains nothing, except how to grow a few inches within 3-4 weeks of use.

Strictly and a vacuum pump. More like a pump – device is a cylinder, which put manhood. Then the air inside is pumped out, creating a vacuum in the interior of the high pressure and stimulates the flow of blood. For comfortable use of the penis should be treated with a special lubricant.

Folk remedies for male potency and penis enlargement

To increase member use also folk medications, biologically active supplements, various creams and sprays. On the effectiveness of past users there are different opinions, ambiguously talking about them. In combination with exercise types of treatments to a greater extent to produce fruit. And when you consider a huge variety of such tools, here men need to choose the most appropriate method of application, price and personal preferences.

Among folk remedies, that can be expensive to make dick bigger at home, it is worth noting the following:

  • Teas. Consumption of drinks that contain nutrients from ginseng, ginger, hawthorn, and other to masculine power plants, tones, has a positive effect on blood circulation, relax.
  • The decoction of garlic and parsley. A cup of water 2 cloves of garlic, cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Before use in the soup, put 2 tbsp small green. Drink every day before going to sleep.
  • Regular consumption of nuts with honey. Recipe for men: kernel 5-6 nuts finely grind and mix with honey and eat 1 teaspoon before Breakfast and dinner.

To list all the folk remedies that help to increase the member, it is impossible. If you believe the comments, some of them are really help to achieve the desired long-term results with low wastage. And yet, in the pursuit of the perfect dimensions, it is important to not forget about health. Love yourself, then your penis will literally be men with dignity and pride, regardless of inches.