Pump for penis enlargement - how to increase penis size, how to use

Men who want to make their sexual organ more, but not decided, you can help of special pumps. This device increases the blood flow in the intimate place, due to which possibilities in bed. Article becomes larger, and that pleases man and his partner.

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The principle of operation of the pump

After learning of the existence increasing the size of penis pumps, men first want to study the principle of its action. As mentioned previously, the device is several times increases the supply of blood in area of genitals. Because of this, provides the following effects:

  • The increasing filling of the cavernous bodies. This is what leads to the fact that the penis becomes larger. The effect goes together with the maintenance of erection. If you use a pump regularly, the chances for an extended consolidation of the results is significantly increased.
  • Enhanced erection. Status is achieved through active blood flow to the intimate area. Because of this, recovering a stable erection that can last several hours.
  • Improving the flow of blood. This effect is provided by the emergence of artificial circulation of body fluid in the area of small pelvis organs. The pump enhances the transport of blood, with which is solved the problem of damage to the blood supply. And it is a great prevention, prevention of the development of prostatitis, and hemorrhoids.
  • The increase of the sensitivity. This result is in accordance with the hyperemia of the tissues. The pump makes the sexual relationship more intense, and the orgasm is bright.

To achieve such effects will be only of those men who use the device only in accordance with the instructions.

If, in the course of the execution of the manipulation will be admitted blunders, you can expect the opposite result.

Types of pumps

Pump for penis enlargement can be of different types. Each of them has its own characteristics. The device consists of a plastic bulb, which caused the line. The kit includes a separate nozzle seal, which help to create a vacuum.

In some models, there are additional elements in the form of the regulator or relief valve. There are types of pumps that increase masculinity:

  1. Manual. To remove the device from the air that you want to use pear or a special clip. Hand pump is available and easy to use. Moreover, it allows to achieve the expected result, but it will have to work hard.
  2. Automatic. They come with a pump, which quickly reduces the pressure in the flask. To use the machine, you must insert the battery. For penis enlargement with a pump is not necessary to make a special effort, as well as all manipulations are performed automatically.
  3. Water. This is a relatively new model. Instead of the air is water. The flask has a cuff with the pump. The result after the application of the device is achieved quickly. It is considered safer than other types of pumps.

When choosing the right type of the pump, be sure to pay attention to the characteristics of the proposed models. This will allow you to select the best option.

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The preparatory phase

Before the use of the pump for its intended use, should be trained. Long before the purchase it is advisable to consult with a specialist about the possibility of using this device. You need for a review of the clinic to ensure a safe penis enhancement.

Before use of the device you want to rinse it with hot water.

It is desirable to use soap. It is strictly forbidden to make an attempt to boil the pump and pour with boiling water in order for disinfection.

These actions will damage the device. You can also use 1 pump for multiple people, as it is classified as personal items.

To use the device you need to be careful, because it is easy to be damaged. You need to store the pump in a dark place where the temperature does not rise above 35 degrees. Higher temperatures are disastrous for it.

Instructions for use

If the person has indications for the use of the pump, for example, problems with blood circulation in the pelvic area or dissatisfaction with the size of a member, he can begin to use the device.

But, before it is necessary to carefully study the manual that accompanies each model.

When using the vacuum pump manual or automatic type you must follow this sequence of actions:

  1. The sexual organs should be carefully placed in a flask, after it required the most tightly secured to the body. Check the density using compression holes on the flask.
  2. To hold the device, you have to press on the clip or pear. If the electric pump, you will need to click on the appropriate valve to bring the device in action. There should be a convulsion.
  3. After about 30 seconds, your penis will blush, will appear an erection. At the same time, dispelling the negative pressure due to airflow of the device. For this to happen, you have to press a special valve. Sometimes it is enough just to open the designated hole on the pump.

As soon as the erection is a little loose, there will need to again perform all these steps.

When the erection will be very strong, the penis will need to wear a special ring. It will allow blood to flow quickly to depart from this zone.

After the completion of the procedure is immediately necessary to thoroughly wash used the device in hot water with soap.

Allowed to use another detergent which has disinfecting properties. Well, if it is intended for care of intimate places.

The similar principle is used hydraulic pump for men. But, in this case, you must follow these consecutive steps:

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  1. You need to feel comfortable in the bathroom, which is already gathered a sufficient amount of water. You want to take it to waist level. In warm water it is recommended to lie down for a few minutes to relax the intimate area. This increases the effectiveness of therapy.
  2. A flask from the device must be immersed in warm water, and carefully brings the relaxed penis.
  3. You need to make a few manipulations swing to remove the pump unnecessary air. Because of this, the interior creates a low pressure. From the device, also, you need to remove the excess of water with the top of the capsule.
  4. When the pump is enough to do the volume, you will need to relax and observe the vacuum of power. If he starts to weaken, you will have to repeat the primary manipulation.

If a man will adhere to the rules of application of the pump to increase the size and thickness of masculinity, he will be able to make larger than about 2-3 cm Is quite a good result for those who are not satisfied with the size of their own penis.

In some cases, it is forbidden to use the pump

A method of increasing the penis due to exposure to a vacuum is between the relatively safe. Unlike other methods, it is possible to practice to men who have heart problems. However, the pump also has its own contraindications, which you need to watch before you engage in this therapy.

If you do not follow the rules, man will be faced with a large number of negative reactions. You should immediately discontinue use of pump if the following will occur adverse changes in:

  • The occurrence of the injury and scars on the skin of the sexual organ.
  • A strong decrease of erections after treatment with the device.
  • The reduction of the sensitivity of the head of the penis.

The greatest attention should be paid to hematomas, which can occur in case of improper application of the device. If the man was not injured, he needs to see a specialist.

He will prescribe medications of local action that help to eliminate them. Such violations often indicate the presence of diseases associated with blood vessels. When exposed to vacuum they are very quickly damaged, hence the bruising with the bruising.

Is completely prohibited, this method of penis enlargement is for people who have inflammation of the urethra.

Strong blood flow will only increase the symptoms of the disease and lead to its fast development. The same goes for men with narrowing of the foreskin.

For this diagnosis pump will lead to the destruction of the fabric of the article on the body, is largely filled with blood.

Doctors recommend to give up the pumps for the men who have a penchant for long erection. Different diseases method of penis enlargement can cause serious damage. The device will only increase the length of the erection state.

In some cases, the solution to this problem is possible only at surgery. If the man is not contraindicated effects on penis vacuum, you will abide by all guidelines and rules regarding the use of the pump, it will be able to increase the penis by 2-3 cm in the course of a few sessions.


The article will be significantly greater, not only in length, but also diameter. Such a nice bonus you need to please the partner, it will make her sensations during intimacy more alive.