Penis enlargement baking soda

A small penis can be a real problem for men. Experts say that, in fact, this phenomenon is less of a problem than to come up with themselves such men. The main problem is psychological stress, which affects the quality of sexual life. There are several ways to increase penis size without surgery, and with the help of folk remedies. How to increase article soda and it is possible to achieve a good result?

small dick

Is this possible?

To increase the member, using baking soda is quite real. However, this method is quite long, so you'll have to be patient. In addition, a tremendous result can be achieved by using radical methods, such as the increase of the penis. Those who have tried the method with baking soda, talking about the result of an increase of not more than 3-4 cm.

Before to proceed with the procedure, you will need to confirm its eligibility. Some people mistakenly believe that they need. Experts call it the "small" size is with the length not exceeding 10 cm in a state of excitement. The most common size among the men of our country, its length does not exceed 18 see However, sometimes even the owners of large dimensions, exceeding 18 cm in the excited state do not think that it is pride, trying to rise. In this case, the use of baking soda will not bring much result.

The impossible may be the penis enlargement. in that case, if it has small dimensions as a result of congenital anomalies or chronic diseases. So before to use any method, you need to consult with a male doctor for the health of the penis and the whole reproductive system. Unfortunately, most of the abnormalities, it is possible to eliminate only by surgical intervention. If health allows you to work independently of a change in the size of the country, then the best option will be to use soda product available for all.

The beneficial properties of baking soda

For some is surprising is the fact how widely the beneficial properties of baking soda. Someone even believes that this product can only be used for baking. In fact, even many doctors talking about the beneficial medicinal properties of baking soda. Health soda useful in the areas of:

  • For struggle against excess weight.
  • To eliminate burns.
  • From heartburn.
  • To normalize the level of acidity in the stomach.
  • To speed up the metabolic processes.
  • For cosmetic purposes.
  • To normalize the circulation of the blood.

For increasing the penis apply the last property of baking soda is to normalize the circulation of the blood. It is known that the blood to the penis in the work of the heart, which leads to an erection. When it is in the normal state, under the pressure of the flow of blood is small, and when it comes to sexual arousal, increases significantly. When fabrics of a member are filled with blood, they begin to grow in size and become more dense.

Of the mechanism of erection, it can be concluded that it depends on the the cardiovascular system, mostly from the organization of the flow of blood and increased pressure in the excitation. One of the useful properties of baking soda is just the ability to normalize the circulation, if necessary, expansion.

baths with baking soda

Instructions for use

The most common use of soda to increase a member is a massage. To achieve the desired result, you need to perform it the right way, and not to harm, because the skin of penis is very tender. Thus, the procedure consists of several stages:

  1. Training. The training is designed to make the skin of the penis supple, at the same time, increase the circulation of the blood. You need to get a towel, which must be very gently, to moisten it in hot water and wrap their penises, leaving for a few minutes. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times.
  2. Massage. The exercises themselves can be arbitrary, their main goal – extending member. Between exercises you must be the restoration of blood circulation by performing light massage movements. When stretching the body, it will receive a flow of blood, and then with a smooth massage that will still be distributed through the veins. Soda, it is recommended to use while massage. It is enough to take in the hand a small amount of powder and seems to "RUB" into the skin. The procedure is similar to the use of cleaning.
  3. Recovery. After exercise to relax and lie down. If you just jump and start, for the body is under stress. Then the bloodstream, which can only be adjusted again to work hard.

Experts say that during a massage of the penis, a man needs to be in a good mood and completely relaxed. Problems with sexual health, men often have a psychological character, therefore it is important to properly configure. Sexologists suggest "to complete" in my head the desired centimeters, and to present the results. In other words, a man must love myself and to be configured to admire their achievements.

Lotions with baking soda

Lotions or compresses with baking soda is another method of penis enlargement at home. For the preparation of the soda solution it is necessary to take 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda and dissolve in half Cup of warm water. Then moisten in the resulting solution gauze and apply it on the article. The size of the cheesecloth should be large enough to complete the entire length of the body.

Making lotion is recommended every day during the month. A one-time procedure, the desired result will not bring. Can be added to the hortus solution of a few drops of essential oil. For example, it may be the oil of cardamom, cypress and other "male" fragrances. Their scent helps to relax and not to focus on the problem. After the completion of the procedure, it is recommended to lie down in a relaxed condition.

Soda inside

The ingestion of baking soda in the inside can be used to Supplement any of the above methods of penis enlargement. Soda has several positive factors that affect the internal systems of the body. Sometimes it turns out that, in fact, the length of the penis is not fully detected, because of the diseases, which the man did not even know. They can cause other problems with erection. Drinking soda will get rid of the "garbage" in the form of slag, which may be the cause of certain diseases.

Make soda inside need following the advice of the doctors. I advise you to start with small doses – ¼ tsp in the morning and evening. This should be done between meals. Gradually, the amount of soda, increase to 1 tbsp. of admission.

Prevention it is recommended to use a solution of soda 1 tsp of baking soda in half a glass of water. This should be done early in the morning, on an empty stomach. Of course, directly drinking soda will not affect your penis size, but it will definitely affect positively on the health of man and his emotional state.



Baking soda is a natural substance, and therefore its application is safe. However, as each product has contraindications. The use of baking soda for a dick massage or compresses is forbidden:

  • In the presence of crusty lesions on the skin.
  • When you are hypersensitive to the product by the body.
  • In some pathological changes of the body (should consult doctor).

Drinking a soda inside has all of the same factors as external use, as well as several additional contraindications. They include:

  • Chronic gastritis and other diseases in violation of the level of acidity in the stomach.
  • Ulcers in the stomach.
  • An allergic reaction to the product.

Is strictly prohibited the use of expired soda before you use, will have to check the package expiration date. In addition, if the powder, although it is not expired, but has a yellow color, odor or other defects, its use is also forbidden.

The effect of soda on the male body

The beneficial properties of baking soda can improve the health of the men, and to increase men's strength, although baking soda is not included in the list of aphrodisiacs.

Due to its properties soda helps liquefy the blood, activates the blood flow in the body, including the organs of the pelvis. The sexual organ with the blood is enriched with oxygen, the spongy body is filled, the member becomes hard.

Supporters of soda think that it is a sure way of saving from men's misfortunes:

  • Baking soda, once in the body of men, normalizes metabolism and hormone production, including testosterone. This positively affects the functioning of reproductive organs.
  • Inner reception soda increases the lymph flow to pelvic organs.
  • Soda cleanses the body, removes toxins and improves immunity. A strong body and a strong immune system makes a person accentus-obsistens, and therefore stamina in bed.
the effect of soda on the article

How to take

The men talked about different methods of drinking a soda. Here are the most popular:

Soda drink

Juice drinks are consumed on an empty stomach or 1 hour before a meal. In the stomach should not be digestive processes. The reception can be long, but only 1 time per week. Or courses for 2 weeks, daily and 2 week break. Baking soda dissolves in water and in milk.

  1. In a glass of boiled water of room temperature, sprinkle with 0.5 tsp. of the baking soda. Take in the morning after eating. The course lasts one month. Although some believe that as a rule is not enough and bred a whole small spoon.
  2. The adaptive method includes gradually increasing the dosage over the course, starting with 1/2 tsp. of the baking soda.

The effect of soda drink takes a long time. For a short time up to 3 hours, sufficient for one session, soda can make the penis longer and thicker by a small amount to 3-4 mm. And due to the effusion of blood.

Local application of soda

The local abrasion of the baking soda into the penis is the main method. Soda powder applied directly to the body. The effectiveness of this procedure are clear. Massage stimulates the flow of blood, the soda penetrates the skin, enters the blood and thins, increasing the content. For the procedure the penis of the steam in the bath or shower. The separation increases the softness and slightly increases the size.

  1. A small amount of baking soda to take your fingers and gently RUB the penis for 3-5 min. the Scrotum is treated with caustic is not necessary. The method is in force before the sexual relationship. Some reviewers say that with persistence for 2-3 months has managed to achieve an increase of a few centimeters.
  2. Rubbing with vegetable oil. A thin layer of hot vegetable oil distributed over the surface of the penis. Of the oil film to apply a little baking soda and careful massage movements are applied to the penis. The procedure continues until all the dry ingredients, about 4-6 minutes is enough to evaluate a positive result.
  3. A good combination of components not only increases size, and increases the sensitivity, which is also important. Before-soda and honey should be mixed in equal amounts. The finished mixture is distributed to the member. The massage is carried out by a easy rubbing motions.

Dietary Supplement

Eat with baked goods and dishes with the pastry on the baking soda.

Outdoor baths

  1. For sedentary baths you will need a basin or other suitable container. The amount of water should be sufficient to submerge the crotch. The decision is made in relation to 2 tbsp of baking soda in 2 liters of water with a temperature of 38-41°C. the duration of the session – 15 min.
  2. Local baths efficient and simple. In a glass with hot water pour 1 tsp. of the baking soda. Mix thoroughly. In a solution of soda to immerse the penis. Duration of procedure of 30 minutes can be Repeated, no more than 1 time a day.
the use of soda


The procedure is designed for the 2 week course 1 time per 2 days. Start with cleansing enema of warm pure water, and then soda. In a glass bowl dissolve 1 tsp soda in 200 ml of warm boiled water. The temperature of the water and the body should match.


To prepare a compress of a clean, damp cloth made of a natural material sprinkled an even layer of baking soda. Impose on the member holding not more than 20 min Compress with baking soda activates the filling with the blood in the penis, it becomes firmer. Residues wash off with water.

The combination of baking soda and clamping

If the question of the use of soda on the posts on the forum-men were divided, a lot is mentioned about the miraculous exercises that are performed in parallel with the "baking therapy".

Unsafe exercise called a shrug. In the literal translation from English means "clamping yoke". The main point of the exercise – passing external veins can delay the outflow of blood from the penis.

The essence of this technique:

  • Need automotive locksmith or clamps of the appropriate size for cóntere the base of the penis.
  • Start your workout with experitur not more than 5 min.
  • When performing exercises need to move. It is forbidden to sit or lie, even if discomfort is felt.

Judging by the comments, it is possible to achieve an increase in penis size of 2-3 cm, if you train six months for every day. But, for baking, do not forget to make a solution of soda.

It is important to note that the activity is unsafe. For those who have problems with the blood vessels or diseases of the genitourinary system to perform an exercise is impossible.