How to increase penis size at home - methods

And in addition to the existing standards and indicators, which should be the size of the penis, many men still remain dissatisfied with their parameters. The doctors attribute this to the inability to use the body and low-quality sex, dissatisfaction with the women from sex and stereotypes. There are many ways to increase a member.

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It seems that the only work provides the increase of the length and thickness of the penis, but today is practiced by many alternative methods, which will also help to increase a few extra inches at home. The main thing is to analyze how problematic the situation is, whether it is necessary to do something, and then to choose the best ways.

Is it possible to make dick bigger at home?

The first thing that men need to know, is it possible to increase penis size without plastic and surgery. Medical experts offer a variety of alternative ways, which operate on the following principle:

  • stretching of cavernous and cavernous tissues of the phallus are responsible for the size of the organ during erection;
  • the increased flow of blood, which, also, ensures strong erections;
  • of increased potency, erection and the libido to increase the sexual activity of the people as a Whole.

It should be remembered that the size of the penis rarely play a role in the sexual life of a man and his reproductive health. But, if the size cause psychological discomfort, causing complexes, self-doubt and isolation, the need to solve the problem, otherwise it may lead to psychogenic impotence.

Important! The most impressive performance increase of a member promise only the different methods of surgical intervention. Conservative methods do not give a result for more growth in the 2-4 cm

Special exercises to increase male organ

The most important way to increase the length and diameter of the penis is exercises that will make the cells and tissues of the body more flexible and mechanisms. Also these exercises help to improve the local circulation of blood and, as we know, from the effusion of blood into the penis directly depends on the size during the erection.

Methods Jelqing Has

To properly enlarge the sexual organ of man that will stay for a long time, it is necessary to consider some of the exercise equipment. The most popular and approved of by the doctors – jelqing has been an ancient technique which was used even Africans and Indians. The principle of the exercises is reminiscent of a milking massage.

To do the exercises you need in a semi erect state, not more than 60-75% of full power. Assume two exercises:

  1. First, the cavernous body needs some heat, so that they become resilient and flexible. You can take the heated salt, wrapped in a cloth bag, putting the sex organ. Further, the body smeared with lube, stimulate a little bit, around the base make a ring, clasping hands and fingers. This ring is driven at the base of the head, and then the exercise is repeated 40 times.
  2. The body brace on the same principle, now to realize his whole hand at the base. First you need 10 seconds to clamp the penis at the root, but the whole length of it was covered by the palm of the hand. Next clutching, but without the pain and discomfort of the penis need to pull to the right, left, up and down.

To begin with, it will be 30-40 representatives of the two exercises, but with time their number can be increased to 200. It is important that the technique is practiced regularly for a long period of time, from a minimum of 1 month and more.

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To increase length of a member, it is necessary to perform regularly simple exercise which consists of stretching it. For this purpose, the body also need some heat to not hurt the cells and tissues. It is very important that the body is in a relaxed condition, otherwise the erection will prevent certain bodies to stretch.

First to the crown, and then pull in front of you. In the stretched condition to hold for about 15 seconds, then exposed to relax and give the body some rest. On the same principle of the phallus stretch in the right and left side, repeating the exercise in a circle. The exercise is correct, if you do not have pain.

The suspension of goods

To increase the size of the phallus at home without drugs and doctors you can use another method of suspension of the loads. But you have to understand that this is quite a traumatic way, requires attention and modernization. Its essence lies in the stretching of certain organs and ligaments of the penis with weight.

To perform the exercise in the following ways:

  • the penis should be warmed with a gentle massage;
  • around the head to attach the plaster with which the member is attached to the lace;
  • the lace hung small weights;
  • in this position you need to withstand to start 25 minutes.

During exercise it is important that the penis does not feel stiffness and pain, otherwise you may hurt the body. To begin, select a minimum load, gradually increasing the weight and duration of exercise.

The use of devices

If the exercises includes a cumulative effect for a long time, for fast, but a one-time effect male can take advantage of special devices and tools. Of course, to grow they will not help but enjoy the new sensations from the increased parameters of the phallus warranty.

The nozzle

There are many tips that will not only add to the your penis girth and length, but also help to strengthen the erection, and hence the quality of sexual relations, also increases. The nozzle can be closed and open type, closed more suitable for the increase of the length of the phallus.

So, if the nozzle is made of resilient and flexible materials such as latex or silicone. The maximum increase of the length of the phallus can be + 10 cm, in average, the producers offer + 3-6 see the Nozzle at the top reduces the sensitivity of the head of the penis, and thus to prolong the sexual act, solving the problem of premature ejaculation.


This device will look like a pump, the principle of work provides increased potency, erection and improvement of the quality of sexual life of males in addition to increase the size of the organ. But, the point is that the pump lets men achieve an erection even with erectile dysfunction by means of vacuum that causes the blood to get to the special bodies.

You will use a vacuum pump you need in the following way:

  • a member of cream, and then introduced into the cylinder of the device;
  • the cylinder is pumped out the air which will lead to pressure on the body;
  • pressure increases the flow of blood, and thus increase the length and thickness of your penis;
  • a built-in gauge of pressure regulates the pressure on the body;
  • the use of the pump before sexual intercourse.

The result, which promises to pump, in fact temporary, so it is used for men with erectile dysfunction and small sizes as a support device.

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One effective way to really increase the member in size – this special massage. Correctly the performance provides not only an increase in the thickness and length of the organ, but also the increase of power and the sexual function of men. To perform a massage is necessary as follows:

  • before the procedure, the body need to be warmed up with a warm towel (towel dipped in hot water and wrap the body);
  • warming up should be repeated several times in a row;
  • next, with the use of various stretching and other movements massage the body of the penis.

There are many interesting techniques you can perform the massage member, you can view the videos on the Internet. Importantly, the procedure does not cause discomfort and pain, and was also a regular. This will improve local the flow of blood, which has a positive effect on the volume and quality of the erection, prevention of stagnant processes.


Rapid increase of the penis will help of the special means of the local application of the lubricants. The effect of these drugs due to the natural components in the composition, thanks to which dilate tissue of the penis. Additionally, some products contain hormones, so to apply a better specialist review.

Lubricants come in 3 types:

  1. Fat fast action – after the treatment according to the instructions of the penis is increased by a few inches, they should be applied directly before sexual intercourse.
  2. Gels for the increase of the phallus – the use of products of this kind need a few months to achieve a cumulative effect.
  3. Auxiliary fat is to apply this kind of funds you need in combination with other methods, for example, at the same time when performing the exercises or with the use of the nozzles.

The use of lubricants is absolutely safe and the best method of penis enlargement. But before applying it is important to familiarize yourself with the contraindications and possible side effects.

About penis enlargement pills

Grow penis at home is also using medicines that can be synthetic and natural (dietary Supplements). The principle of action is often found in the acceleration of blood circulation and strengthening of blood circulation in the penis, which naturally stretches the erectile tissues.

Chinese tablet – today is the most popular drug for the increase of the phallus, the main component of which is Chinese ginseng. This substance boosts the body's stamina and protective function, which increases the tone of the tissues and skin, and also accelerates the flow of blood. Due to the cumulative effect of rate increases.

Dietary supplements are medicines based on herbal ingredients and vitamins, which should be used in combination with other techniques. Good Supplements contain the following components:

  1. Wheat germ oil – this product contains selenium and zinc, building materials synthesis of testosterone.
  2. Vitamin E is an important substance for reproductive health, the elasticity of the tissues of the penis, as well as for increasing potency and libido of men.
  3. Pumpkin seeds – an indispensable regulator of the reproductive function.

Also useful components are considered as medicinal herbs, such as ginseng and schisandra, Siberian ginseng, and so aphrodisiacs. These assets are not medical, but rather acts as an auxiliary means to increase the effectiveness of home therapy.

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Folk remedies

Folk medicine has a long list of tools and recipes to use that are appropriate in combination with other methods for penis enlargement. Proven a variety of herbs, as well as soda and bee products. Men should choose for themselves the best recipe, and practice it strictly in accordance with the guidelines.

Use baking soda

Despite the fact that many experts doubt whether you can increase the member of the oss, many men by their example to prove the efficiency of this technique. The main condition for safe and efficient therapy – the correct application of baking soda, a recipe of traditional medicine.

Soda can be used for making baths for the penis, also, because it makes the scrubs to massage the genitals. Tissue irritation will lead to cell division and enlargement of the penis, and increasing elasticity of skin. It is important not to overdo it with home therapy.

Recipe with honey

Another popular method of increase of a member – use of honey, and this method has received approval from most doctors, urologists and other doctors. It should be applied in the following way:

  • take the solution and honey mixed components into a homogeneous mass and are regularly applied inside;
  • to honey, add the nuts, with the help of a spoon on an empty stomach every morning;
  • to honey, add the hazelnuts, nuts and rose hips, crushed and whipped the table, the dish daily 1-2 tablespoon.

Honey is a natural aphrodisiac, what is the most favorable way affect the genital area in men. Therefore, to use these recipes you will need in combination with other techniques and for the prevention of sexual diseases.

Food for a large cock

Proper nutrition is another key to good health and normal functioning of the reproductive organs of men. To enlarge the penis naturally you need to use as many of the following products:

  • Watermelon – berries components accelerate the flow of blood, including the local blood circulation in the tissues of the penis.
  • Protein – this substance is responsible for the the testosterone level, and the growth of muscle tissue, so that the men need to regularly eat eggs, meat and milk.
  • Nuts – the source of all of the men vitamins and substances that increase the synthesis of testosterone.
  • Seafood is a natural aphrodisiac, as well as sources of zinc, which improves testosterone levels and sexual ability of men.
  • Greens – especially spinach, celery, parsley, that also increase the levels of testosterone and improving health in General.

Good stimulants for the sexual functions are considered vegetable oils, herbal teas, and also dark chocolate, fruits, vegetables, fresh.


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In fact, increase penis size at home without surgery doctors – it is not a myth but a reality and a result of hard work. Men need to pick up the techniques to those described above, and then regularly implement all the recommendations to follow the diet and way of life. Do not expect quick and impressive results, as well as growth in more than 3-4 cm of the existing settings can only give him the plastic and surgery, but not conservative ways.