Penis enlargement: how much is real?

Everyone knows that there are no pumps, pills or exercises will not make the penis more, or do you do it?

You can not be denied that as soon as for first time many years ago I saw an ad for a penis enlargement of the the last pages of men's magazine, where it shows a menacing-looking device with an enormous title: "Increase penis size with centimeters!", every time you thought: "why not try, and you?"

penis enlargement

"Me all the time asking," says Michael, MD, a urologist at Harvard medical school and Women's hospital in Boston. "The men are ready to do anything for penis enlargement". But is it real?

No, really. "This is complete nonsense," O'leary repeats wearily. In the end, if it's just that a long time ago every man would have been a 30-centimeter penis.

But common sense is still not all the stops. Thanks to our constant thirst for self-improvement, advertising penis enlargement on every corner. Sold illegal pills for penis enlargement are advertised on television. Without asking for your consent, you e-mail constantly comes to this kind of advertising. More than 10,000 men in the united states, probably many more, was more than doubtful surgery for penis enlargement.

But do not rush to get money and remove the pants. We considered all of the fake methods of penis enlargement and are willing to share with you.

Can my penis become bigger?

First, even if you yourself are sure that you will have a small penis, in fact, it can be strange is the normal size. The average size of an erect penis is 10-15 centimeters. The length of the erect penis can vary. But, this means that if in the locker room you will notice a penis impressive size, it is unlikely he will be much more to erect state and vice versa, a penis that seems small, may increase greatly.

Second, if you still continue to think that they have a small penis, even if the ruler says otherwise, you can put the diagnosis in the field of psychiatry: the dysmorphic disorder for his penis. This diagnosis is similar in a distorted perception of your body to anorexia, when a person continues to consider themselves fat, even when it is painfully thin. According to one study, the majority of men undergo surgery for penis enlargement, there is no such disorder. They are not satisfied with their size after surgery.

"The men with normal size penis, but make sure that it is small will help a psychiatrist, not a surgeon," says Karen Elizabeth Boyle, MD, assistant Professor of urology at the Clinic for reproductive medicine and surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

Pumps, pills, tinctures of grass of a mountain goat and the other methods of penis enlargement

ways to increase

Well, enough of the sensible advice from the experts. Here is a brief description of the methods for penis enlargement, if you do not give up.

  • Vacuum pump. This is a classic device in the genre of penis enlargement. Place the penis in a cylinder connected with the air pump. With the help of a vacuum in the penis gets more blood, so picked up that and more. Then you will ternum penis ring as a tourniquet to prevent the back flow of blood.
    These pumps are used in medicine for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. But the effect is a larger penis quickly. Once you take the ring off, the penis returns to its normal size.
    Possible risks include temporary impotence, ulcers, bruises, damage to blood vessels, the skin loses its natural color and becomes thinner. The ring carries a maximum of 20-30 minutes, after which it can start damaging the tissue.
  • Exercises, weights, and other devices. First, remember: you can not overextend penis exercises, such as bicep. It is not a muscle. However, some devices and types of stimulation reportedly stretch the skin and lengthen the penis.
    One known example is "jelqing has" - a set of pull "milking" exercises. Of course this method is "ancient" (read "fake") the story: the web-site tells about an ancient Arab technique that was passed down from father to son. Details promised to reveal after the transfer of the money. But, exercises jelqing has a system requires a large investment of time, it's 30-60 minutes of daily active procrastinations of the penis. But the real difficulty lies in the fact that these exercises need to spend on not erectum penis. So, you will need self-discipline, much free time and the door locked.
    Another method of penis enlargement is to wear a special device on the penis, which stretches it, sometimes it is a device that should be worn for 8 hours a day, with weight. "As it was sent to me such a thing," says O'leary, "it was like a medieval device for torture."
    If one of these methods? Boyle says no. O'leary, very carefully, says that maybe they can be used to stretch the skin. But without any effect on the penis. As these methods requires superhuman diligence. The risks include tissue damage, rupture of blood vessels and other problems. O'leary recently received a patient, who wore heavy weights on the penis erectum and damaged it, breaking the fabric. The result is unbearable pain and surgery.
  • Pills, supplements and creams. Nonsense. Without exceptions. Most of them are made on the basis of the "yohimbe" ("herbal Viagra"), ginseng, and, of course, the grass of a mountain goat. Is not a single case of penis enlargement with their help.
the increase of surgical

Penis enlargement by surgery

Unlike the majority of penis enlargement methods, surgery can be effective. Recognize that even criticism. Of course, there are risks, and the result may not be as impressive as you hope. In a 2006 study published in European urology notes that the average length, which managed to add the use of surgery, which is less than 2.5, see mark L. Solomon, MD, plastic surgeon notes that the results are modest, but slightly better than before the surgery.

There are two types of surgery for penis enlargement.

  • Elongation of the penis. The penis attaches to the pelvis through a strong funicles, called the support of the ligaments. They are associated with penis and hides part of it, in the inside of the body. Surgical circumcision of these ligaments relaxes the tension and, theoretically, it becomes clear a large part of the penis. To prevent the re-coalescence ligaments, you may need daily wear pondus or postponement of the bodies for six months.
  • Thickening of the penis. Initially, the procedure consists in the fact that you are fat tissue from another part of the body and added to the shaft of the penis, which makes it more massive. But the positive results of this bring. Fat partially absorbetur, and penis looked patchy. "These penises looked like cobblestone sidewalk," says Solomon.
    A new variant of this technology is implanted allograft, tissue transplanted from a genetically dissimilis body is used in many types of reconstructive surgery. The surgeons who perform this kind of job, Solomon and Brian J. Smith. Rosenthal, MD, a urologist practicing in Beverly hills, agree that the allograft provides a longer and better result. We do not know how the donor tissue can lead after transplant.

There are other types of surgical operations for penis enlargement. Patients who are overweight the fatty tissues at the base of the penis is removed using liposuction. Some doctors do the operation for the simultaneous increase in the length and thickness of the penis, the others do them in stages.

While Dr. Rosenthal provides the same broad application of the operations of penis enlargement, as well as breast augmentation, prof. Dr. Solomon does not agree with him. He believes that the main obstacle here is the cost of the operation. Surgery penis enlargement is of the order of 5-10 thousand dollars. While in the thickening is from 5 to 7 thousand just for the allograft, not counting the cost of the operation itself. Taking into account the work operation will cost more than 20 thousand dollars.

complications and risks

Penis enlargement, the risks and complications

Of course, before you go to bed on a working table, it is important to consider the possible risks. Not a reputable medical organization do not recommend to do such operations men with normal penis. American Association of urology emphasizes that such operations are not recognized as safe or effective.

Several studies in this area are also not encouraging. Thus, the study of the European Association of urology studied 42 cases of penis enlargement by surgery, showed that only 35% of patients were satisfied, and 50% continued the search further operations for penis enlargement.

"I have to see these nightmares," says O'leary, describing occasions when she had to correct the consequences of unsuccessful operations. Known complications include: scarring, infection, change in normal angle of erection, reduction of sensitivity and impotence. In some cases, due to the operation for the enlargement of the penis may become shorter due to the fact that the incised tissue crescere to pelvic-floor and the majority of the penis is inside the body.

The surgeons conducting the surgery argue that most operations are successful, and cases of severe complications are rare. "I have done thousands of these operations," says Rosenthal. "We are quite advanced in technology to improve the operations and the patients they help."

Also, they are tired of the arguments that people who go for such operations, it is more likely to help a psychiatrist. The work allows the man to better hear himself, he says. A woman who wants to increase Breasts, because no one calls crazy? So, what is the difference?

O'leary insists that there is a difference. Unlike surgery for breast enlargement, as well as if we are not one of them, but which have become part of medical practice, surgery for penis enlargement are not.

"If there was a legal procedure of such operations, there will be no problems," continues O'leary. "But this procedure that will guarantee the safety and efficiency there is still no".

The doctor prescribe surgery for penis enlargement!

If you are still hoping to find a legal way, do not despair. There is another way of penis enlargement, which is recommended by all doctors is weight loss. Yes, it sounds serious, but it can help.

penis enlargement

"Many of my patients complain of a small penis, overweight," says Boyle. The penis normal size appearance of the background of the fat of the body less, hiding in the fat folds. Therefore, weight loss visually make your penis longer and bigger.

Be careful. Most of the methods for enlargement of the penis is a waste of money. The surgery is expensive, risky and they are not taught. In cancer, it makes sense to talk about the experimental surgery, but this is not the case.

Look at it this way: the penis is a very delicate and sensitive organ. And it makes him so extraordinary. You need to very carefully think before to dare it to grow. It is worth the risk of turning a normal size of the penis that functions well in the vast work of porn movies, which, consequently, can stop working.