How to increase penis size

If the size of the penis in men less than the average, it can easily cause insecurity, cause stress, and even depression. Moreover, the myth that with a little bit of masculinity is impossible to satisfy a woman only adds to the deep psychological problem in a person to become a source of serious complexes.

That is why it is over 60% of the men you've ever wondered how to increase penis size and what you need to do.

penis enlargement

The main features of the action of the means

Men should remember that any hard rules for the length of the genital organs do not exist, and in many aspects this indicator is determined by the genetic characteristics of the organism. In this case, if the length of the penis when excited is less than 8 cm, it is considered a deviation from the norm.

Most of these tools to change the length of a member, in the direction of strengthening the flow of blood to the genitals, during which you will appear bigger. Also, some of them increase the erection and contribute to the production of testosterone, which positively affects the reproductive function of man.

A review of the most popular tools and techniques

Before to increase the size of his dick, the man is recommended to familiarize yourself with the most commonly used methods, which are:

  • Vacuum pump. This device creates a vacuum which increases the flow of blood into the penis, resulting in an increase of the penis. Use of a vacuum pump is very simple. To do this, place the penis in the cylinder and then to pump the air out.
  • The use of a special ring. It should be put at the base of the penis, when he is nervous. The method will significantly increase the member and to prolong the time of sex. The only drawback of this method is that after removal of the ring member are the same. It is also worth remembering that the ring can be worn not more than 30 minutes, otherwise it can have serious consequences.
  • Penis enlargement with the help of baking soda. This is a long-standing folk method which will help to strengthen the growth of the penis. When done correctly, it is completely harmless.
penis enlargement pump

To increase the size of his dick, and not to put itself damage, the doctors recommend to apply some methods, which can cause severe complications in humans. Thus, it is better to achieve a smaller effect than to put your health at risk.


Taking nutritional Supplements and other assets are not checked actions may cause hormonal failure in humans and also cause a number of diseases in the reproductive system. That is why uncontrolled treatment with oral medications without a prescription are considered to be undesirable practice.

The suspension of goods

To increase the manhood promises method with hanging loads. The main drawback of this method is that it can damage the lining of the penis that cause swelling, scarring and curvature of the penis during an erection. These consequences are irreversible, so the suspension loads is a bad idea for penis enlargement.

Increasing the size of the penis: surgical intervention, the effectiveness of massage and the best exercises

Be the most effective at the same time are safe ways to change the size of the penis are massage, eye exercises and jelqing has.

As auxiliary methods to increase penis size, can be used various folk remedies, decoctions of herbs or extracts.


To perform the massage of the genital area must first apply massage oil. This will moisturize the skin and prevents its loss in the course of the procedure.

To start with a massage, you must suspend the head of the penis. After that you need to stay for a few minutes.

Next you need to massage the body along its length. Repeat this procedure, preferably each day, trying not to injure, but to achieve it.

jelqing has

The method of jelqing has been a regular kneading and pulling member. The duration should be gradually increases, reaching 30 minutes. It should be remembered that massage of the body should be so as not to achieve orgasm. If the person feels that the arrival of the discharge, it is necessary to intentionally delay this moment.

Penis enlargement will occur as a result of stress on the body. To act the man must be very careful not to lead to injury.


Using exercises to increase penis size is one of the most useful techniques.

To do this, apply the following exercises:

  • Lubrication of the penis with the oil, to clasp it between your thumb and forefinger at the base. Slowly stretch the skin.
  • A gradual return to the base of the penis, and then down to the head, the strengthening of the control.
  • Grab the penis at the base of the head. Stretch to the point until you feel the discomfort.

Also, a good idea to help change the article of the exercises of Kegel.

Administration of decoctions and infusions

To increase penis size at home a man may, by the use of special herbs. The best recipes for this are:

  • Ginseng. He is considered a powerful aphrodisiac which arouses passion in men. I subscribed to it 30 drops of the day. The course of treatment should be long.
  • Dubrovnik. Use it preferably in the form of infusion: 5 tablespoons of herbs to take a Cup of boiling water. Ready means to drink for 2-3 hours.
  • St. john's wort. It affects the circulation in the pelvis, and enhances potency. To use st. john's wort should be in the form of infusion: a tablespoon of herbs to take 2 cups of boiling water.
  • Aloe. Spoon juice of this plant mixed with honey. Is taken three times a day.
  • Sea-buckthorn berries. In the low-potency sea buckthorn juice should be mixed with the mummy and take one tablespoon a day.
penis enlargement itself

The use of baking soda

Soda contains calcium bicarbonate, which affects the blood thinners. Increase of a member is not because the blood in the liquefacto condition occurs in the reproductive system.

There are two ways to use soda for this purpose:

  • Lubrication of the countries with the vegetable oil. After apply baking soda on the skin. Carefully RUB it.
  • Take one tablespoon of baking soda and mixed in 1 liter of water. Apply the solution to perform the bathrooms. Duration should be no more than 20 minutes.

Surgery to increase

Today to increase the masculinity with the execution of the various operations. The most effective are the plastic bridles, dissection of the suprapubic region of the ligaments that have penis, and also the imposition of special implants that make the body thicker.

In addition, in the last years are more practiced work lipolifting, which is based on the introduction in the body of the penis on your own body fat.

Before the execution of the surgical intervention is recommended for a man to think well, because this is a serious procedure that can cause a number of negative consequences in the form of swelling, pain, and sexual dysfunction.

I may have to increase the member, bypassing all the nasty consequences? Pressing question of all the people of the Earth! Thus, there is a magical method that will allow you to really increase your penis size quickly as possible to avoid problems with health (how much you need to spend the effort)? Let's try to understand in detail.

"Mightier than the sword"

If penis enlargement side effects can be both positive and negative connotation. Obviously, the positive is the one you are trying to achieve with the use of the cream at home, it is the increase in size of the genitals. Negative effects at the same the use of the cream can vary from dryness to severe irritation and occurrence of rashes.

So how about increase penis size and which methods can be done?

The options are:

  1. With the help of the extender.
  2. Different options for creams.
  3. The hydropump.
  4. Vacuum pump.
  5. The manual technique (jelqing has).
  6. Tablets (and other forms of drugs).
  7. With the help of surgery.
  8. Massage (including at home).
  9. Suspension of the cargo.
  10. Tips for penis.

According to the manufacturer, with all these intimate means that you can increase the penis up to 5 cm In the most ads, this number tends to infinity. But what is true and what really is the fear a person, and what flaws to expect, but what you can "earn" blind?

Important. Experts believe that truly increase the length and width of the penis by surgery – ligamentum. All the other ways nothing more than a trick of the producers of the special means of the notorious placebo effect.

Parsing "brick by brick"

To answer the question about the possibility of penis enlargement, you need to go on the most important issues that concern men.

Myths and facts:

  1. When it begins to grow a penis? - 10-12 years, at the beginning of the he increases the size in the length, and then in the scale.
  2. The size of the penis in a calm state that is normal?- From 5 to 12 cm, but in stressful situations, as well as the cold can be reduced.
  3. Is it possible to increase penis size with the help of ointments, tablets, creams, etc.? - No facts, confirmed by experts, that when you use a cream, pump, penis extender at home had grown to an impressive size.
  4. How can increase the penis size? -With a very unpleasant operation, which through a series of cuts brought out a hidden part of the penis. In the course of the next 6 months. you will need to wear the extender.
  5. The size of the penis decreases with age? - Yes, it is the reproductive organ is reduced.
  6. The man is the weight and length of his penis connected? The higher a man's weight and the larger dimensions in the waist and hips, the smaller the penis.
  7. The increase of the vacuum pump at home really? - If successful, increase the "new size" may not last more than one day. However, when using pumps a lot of cons: breaks the vessels of the penis, bruising or deformity of the penis.
  8. How much effective exercises? - Since the penis is not composed of muscle tissue and the corpora cavernosa, any exercise will increase its size.
penis enlargement methods
Also, the majority of experts are unanimous in their opinions: enlargement of the penis a few inches is almost impossible, especially at home. The size is given by nature and in most cases increase the article you want the ones that have the penis according to statistics in the norm.

A negative result

Despite the fact that the doctors advise to increase the size of the member only in the case when it is not able to perform normal physiological functions (urination), the followers of the dubious ways of increasing variety. What "surprises" await those who dare to use one or another popular method?

Let us consider:

  1. Extender. More complaints when using the extender with the silicone noose. When the determination of the head of the penis, often due to the low level of elasticity-compression heads and stop the circulation. Can damage the blood vessels, the appearance of nodes, tumidum red-brown strands.
  2. Ointments, creams. There are many such tools that are recommended for penis enlargement. To use at home, causing the penis at different times and at different times. Often an allergic reaction on the components of the product, so you need to choose carefully.
  3. Hydraulic pump (pumps). The application can cause bruising or abscesses, small bruises on the body member. When using the hydraulicus sentinam exhauriant at home very few people manage to avoid them.
  4. jelqing has. When excess pressure on the countries and overtraining can be observed bruising, improper movement can damage the penis.
  5. Pills. Supplements with few side effects but it works almost always with a couple of extender or pump. Hormones to increase penis size, appoint a physician, self-administration of their home can cause a lot of problems, the most "harmless" would be nausea, allergies and poisoning. All other assets (Levitra, Cialis, etc.) tangible results are not brought, but a lot of minuses.
  6. Massage size practically does not apply, the member cannot "grow" a few inches only from the characteristic movements. But improper handling can damage the penis.
  7. The suspension of the goods. How you can increase the member using the weights and how much it will increase? Currently, this method practically does not take as high a risk of trauma.
  8. Tips for penis. Can you really increase penis size, and the skillful carrying out of the nozzles have the least side effects.
The right way to increase the article remains surgery. However, the doctors themselves say about this we knew that it is a safe and effective way to increase the size, then it will become billionaires.

The desire to increase the size of your penis indefinitely can leave bruises, scars, discoloration, irregularities, pain during erection or dysfunction of the plus – desolate pockets. As much as 1-2 inches of growth (which is what the real figures) are worth it, remains in question. But while the world will be the cult of the "great friend" and advertisers will cherish this postulate in the minds of men will try in different ways, despite the possible negative results, regardless of the price.