How about increase penis size and it is a real

So arranged that a man is not always satisfied with what he has. The girl, the owner of magnificent forms, constantly trying to lose weight — the endless dieting and grueling training.

Or with curls, she always uses a straightening iron to straighten. Are dissatisfied with its appearance, not only of the fairer sex of the society. It applies to men.

penis enlargement.

Perhaps the most common problem of the representatives of a strong half of society — the small size of the penis. The second most common problem is the potency. As you know, these two topics are interconnected. So, the question in the world wide web: "How to increase penis size?" quite often. Everyone knows to say: "sex In the USSR was not the" testified not to the actual absence, otherwise we will be with you now there. Most likely it is evidence of the ignorance of society in these topics. To this day, if the school is planning to introduce the teaching of sex education, often remains only in plans. Because it immediately raises the question of how the material is to present it properly.

Adaptation of foreign literature and textbooks from the us is in shock, as that is too blatant. Although, strictly speaking, this is embarrassing or scary. If this issue was necessary to study, perhaps, little will be people who are dissatisfied with their appearance. Needless to say that with modern technology and the development of the world wide Web, humanity in the truest sense of the word "subvertit" in the flow of information. And even if the confident person is sometimes lost in the abundance of material, what then to speak of those who are not.

The internet presents a lot of information sometimes is not accurate. Check this is not possible. So many people to the end of life to continue to rely on the original incorrect information. And as a result, teenagers do not ask for advice from their elders, they simply enter a question into a search engine and immediately find out what their ancestors of the time can only be assumed. And here's a lot to fall into the trap of not only what is not true, how much exaggerated information.

And this, in turn, negatively affects not only the sexual life, but also in attitude. Many who had seen the video or had read not quite the right information, the development of the complex. After all, the fact that the show sometimes does not correspond with the real numbers. It is the reason why men want to know how to increase penis size. Many, probably even with lessons on biology, it is known that countries — a body composed entirely of cavernous fiber. When filled with blood, marked increase in these tissues.

How much increases in size, the thickness and the volume (thickness), it is quite another matter. It is the inherent of nature. Then the result will differ, sometimes significantly. According to statistics, more than 70% of the men — holders of members, which increase during erection in length, as well as more than 15% of the men — holders of power, which is increasing in width. To predict, what will be the penis during arousal, based on its thickness or length in the unexcited state is almost impossible.

In the course of the measurements the penis is important to consider several nuances. Article is in full excitement, the temperature should be around 22 degrees. Length is measured along the length of the back of the penis, from the pubes of the head. Between the body and the penis needs to stay a right angle. The thickness measuring bar. Penis — the theme is quite topical in men. In the course of the last few hundred years, conducts research aimed at the definition of the rule article. Similar studies in different countries. It was found that the length and the width is determined by genetic predisposition.

the size of the article

The normal size of the penis

  1. If the size of the penis in length equal to eight centimeters, then this ts.n. "micropenis". According to statistics, this dignity is equipped with 1% of the representatives of a strong half of society.
  2. A small dick is an organ reaching a length of 8-12 inches. Such a body possesses two percent of the male population of the planet.
  3. Normal is a member, whose length is 12 cm in size is equipped with a 55% of the men.
  4. A penis whose size is more than fifteen inches is above the average.
  5. Representatives of a strong half of the society, whose penis length is 20 cm, are owners of an impressive penis.

If you are among those people who could not resist and measured your body, but in the end you are left unsatisfied with the result, here is a little material on an impressive scale.

  • Greater is the size of the penis, the greater should be the quantity of blood which ebbs. The only way to bring the body to the desired configuration.
  • Even the slightest ebb, may have a negative effect on erection and, consequently, the quality of the sex.
  • The formation of the ends around 18 years. After that, any changes to its width or length — not more than an optical illusion.
  • The reduction member may be due to the excess weight. On average, for every five extra pounds "steal" inch penis. Again, all changes are visual, in fact, the body remains unchanged.
  • Shrink penis really (not visual effect). And because of this, as a rule, the lower the level of androgens. For example, bodybuilders who use drugs that trigger the hormonal imbalance, most often faced with such a problem as reduction of the penis, and during erection.
  • Reduction of the penis can be the result of incorrect and unsuccessful operations in its elongation. The attacker could be either lack of professionalism of the surgeon, or physiological characteristics.
to increase the member

The depth of the vagina thoughts that not everyone, but instead, most people do not know about it, and for the first time to engage in sexual intercourse, only know of one size. The average depth of the vagina is about 10 cm. This indicates that for a normal sex penis size of 15 inches, is enough. The vaginal tissues elastic, they will allow you to adapt to a certain length and width.

They allow us to deliver the partner all the time more pleasure. Constant change of sexual partners is discouraged because it affects the sensitivity and do not favor the fairer sex of the society. Of course, the size of the things. And this applies not only to the length of the penis but also its thickness. But, to say with certainty how many people are fit together without checking for. In addition, do not forget that sex — the art of understanding, not only the width, length and depth.