The secrets of eating nuts for a strong potency in men

Problems with potency cites a number of reasons, among them malnutrition. In order to restore the correct processes in the male body, most experts recommend eating nuts, and this is not surprising.

The nucleus represents a unique complex of vitamins and minerals, fatty acids and carbohydrates, which makes the product ideal for the treatment of erectile dysfunction of any stage.


What other nuts more useful, and how to properly consume food, we will understand in the article.

The effect of the nuts for potency

Since ancient times walnuts are recognized as the powerful aphrodisiacs, which have a positive effect on the reproductive system of men.

All fruits have a similar composition, and therefore their action is almost identical. Nuts contain:

  1. Amino acids, synthesis of hormones (testosterone, serotonin), which are responsible for increasing the sexual desire and to get the full orgasm.
  2. Poly-saturated fatty acids, which are synthesized hormones that are so essential to male power.
  3. A large number of trace elements, which when released into the digestive system, are absorbed in the intestines and have a positive effect on the entire organism of the man, saturating the tissues with oxygen and improves the heart rate.
  4. Vitamins C, a, b, E - stimulation of the organs of the pelvis, including the penis.

In addition, with the help of the screws is that they strengthen the immunity, to speed up the thought processes and helps to fight against stress and depression.

The ratings of the fruits that increase power

Let's see what fruits are useful for potency, more than any other, be regarded as a kind of ranking:

  • The most useful nuts for men are considered nuts, which are so prevalent in our country. Residents of the private sector is expected to have in your yard at least one tree. Patients can purchase these nuts for men for a very low price.

These fruits contain a lot of zinc, which is an active participant in the process of the production of testosterone in the body.

  • The nuclei of cedar nuts are very beneficial for men, because, in addition to the basic elements, they contain vitamin E, which had a good effect on prostate function.

Vitamin E improves the quality of the sperm and chances of pregnancy women increase several times.

  • Of almonds, you need to eat in order to avoid atherosclerosis, which is one of the main factors causing impotence. These cores are very rich in Niacin, which gradually dilates blood vessels, freeing them from cholesterol plaques. In the end, the permeability of the blood is improved, with benefits for the body and the reproductive system, including. Once people used only a handful of almonds, an erection increase sexual desire returns, is not emancipation.
  • The hazelnut has long been known as an effective nuts for power in men. The main substance of use in the high content of fat and proteins, which are essential for the normal functioning of the male body.

Vitamin B6, which is contained in the nut, makes conduction of nerve impulses.

  • Pistachios are nuts that increase the power, but only pure salt in them, it is better not to add. Due to the low caloric content, they are suitable even for those men who suffer from excess weight. Scientists have observed that components of the pistachios contribute to the natural expansion of blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

In pistachios contain a lot of folic acid, which is the reason why experts suggest couples who want to have children, to use these kernels as food.

Of course, nuts are useful for potency, and it is possible to use only one of their kind. But, experts recommend that you introduce them in your diet gradually, using a variety of recipes, or just making a blend. It is also possible to add your favourite dried fruits - so you will also get a charge of vivacity for the entire day.

Meals, useful for potency

As nuts affect the potency, we understand, now we offer you to familiarize with several recipes from nuts for the men. These dishes will certainly help to restore men's health.

  • With honey.

Diet for potency nuts, is a good idea to Supplement their honey, which will help to boost the immune system, recovery of the nervous system and increase sexual desire. The preparation is quite simple: are those fruits which are at home, grind them in a blender or just laminate a few times with the rolling pin, after which 100 grams of crumbs add 1 tablespoon of liquid honey, mix.

The resulting table can be divided into three meals per day - consume a tablespoon, or eat half one morning and half in the evening.

  • With dried fruit or candied fruit.
Walnut with honey

Another interesting recipe of nuts for potency: make a mixture of different kinds of fruit in equal proportions. Good use walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts. Add your favourite dried fruit such as dried apricots, raisins, prunes and other. Mix.

Of the mixture can be folded into a resealable jar and store in a cool and dark place, eat 1 tablespoon three times a day.

In conclusion,

With an understanding of what fruits increase the strength and how to use them properly, you will get rid of the problems in sexual life quickly and without the use of drugs.