Potency and alcohol: the willingness and ability of an erection

The word "power" - the notion of a collective, literally means "power."

The term includes the following aspects:

  • the presence of sexual desire (desire)
  • the appearance of an erection
  • movement of the penis into the vagina in sufficient time to meet the partner,
  • ejaculation with orgasm.
The effect of alcohol on potency

If a link is broken, we're talking about a weak potency.

The main and most common cause of erectile dysfunction is alcohol. A glass of wine or mug of beer turn into an integral part of the evening meal. Alcohol does not do any celebration or meetings with friends at the sports pub. And this habit is inherited from our ancestors, i.e. literally laid on the genetic level.

But few can deny the pernicious influence of alcohol for men's health. It is to be noted that too much drink offer and has a negative impact in all parts of the erectile function.

The adverse effects of alcohol on potency is faces every third pair, and alcohol-containing beverages consumed, even young people who care about their health.

But, not all of them are aware of the destructive effects of ethanol on male strength, because neither one bottle of vodka is not written: "Who was friends with vodka, that sex is not necessary!" A pity, because it is true.

The effect of alcohol on potency

First, alcohol impairs the function of the liver via a transformation of the high-grade cells – hepatocytes in the scar tissue. The liver is responsible for testosterone in the blood of men that determines male behavior, in particular, of strength and power.

Even if you consume alcohol daily in small doses, it affects the man's libido.

With age, the level of testosterone in the blood decreases and the ethanol exacerbates the situation. Scientists have shown that even 100 grams per day reduces the response of nerve endings.

Alcoholism and potency are directly related to each other, moreover, regular intake can have a devastating impact on the qualitative and quantitative composition of the sperm.

Chronic alcoholism is the cause for infertility or the birth of a child with a disability.

How alcohol affects your erection

Impotence in men, in many cases is associated with narrowing of the blood vessels that feed the penis. As a rule, they expand during an erection and contract during sexual intercourse.

Alcohol alters this mechanism, and the erection or does not occur, or held over insufficient time.

How alcohol affects your erection

Periodic absence of ejaculation after a long period of sexual stimulation – is the leading cause of congestive prostatitis with all its consequences.

Men think that ethanol has a positive effect on potency, as it helps to increase libido and to increase the duration of sexual intercourse, due to the delay of ejaculation.

But, this is true only for small doses, say one glass of red wine, if the concentration of alcohol in the blood is higher, the orgasm will be impossible. Nerve impulses will simply be blocked and you will not be able to get in the brain.

Alcohol is harmful and dangerous, in the first time, when the body is still healthy and has no chronic alcohol intoxication, the man with a weak potency comes in the short-term improvement:

  • it improves mood,
  • relieves fatigue,
  • appears erections and libido.

After a certain period of regular drinking, sex is not needed at all, or potency deteriorate rapidly, and the body requires not only sex and alcohol.

A very popular question: "How can a day to drink it without harming health?"

The americans – a healthier nation from the Russians, the lifetime correspondingly longer. Take a look at what the recommendations provided by the American specialists on the use of alcohol, drinks, live long and happily and have more children.

Our doctors believe that it is 40 grams of pure alcohol or 100 ml of spirits or 1 liter of beer.

However, not all narcologists with this statement I agree. Daily alcohol was classified as a "household drunkenness" which is the first stage of chronic alcoholism.

Classification of chronic alcoholism

  • Phase I - development of pathological attraction to alcohol and the transition from the ordinary consumption of the systematic
  • Phase II - development of abstinence syndrome in case of cessation of alcohol
  • Phase III - a sharp decline in the tolerance of alcohol and the appearance of signs of alcoholic lesions of internal organs

Thanks to the high content of natural estrogens (substances with the action of the female sex hormones) in men is reduction in testosterone in the blood.

The increased level of estrogen in the body, leads to the loss of male qualities, has a beer belly, breast enlargement (gynecomastia), changing nature.

If the abuse of the beer was delayed, the development of infertility.

In addition, the strength of the beer it becomes small, gradually, the man becomes more strong drink, and here it is not up to potency, alive to stay.

Stages of erectile dysfunction depending on the amount of alcohol consumed

Give doses of alcohol in terms of pure alcohol.

The effect of ethanol starts after 2 minutes of ingestion in the stomach.

40 mg - improve your mood, relieve fatigue.

60 mg - the increase of sexual desire, emancipation.

120 mg – the inability to carry out his plan for physiological reasons.

500mg – fatal.

On the way out of the situation

An anecdote: On receipt of the the urologist the patient.

-What is your problem?

-When I drink, I cannot stop.

-Do not drink!

- If you do not – can not start!

In order not to become the hostage of such situation, it is better to care for the health and male problems to solve in a civilized way.

The doctor

If you know what not they came to the diagnosis of "chronic alcoholism", taking alcohol to improve the potency, there are other methods to enhance the male power, namely:

  • drug
  • The pharmaceutical market has enough drugs to correct erectile dysfunction. After the consultation, the doctor will select the remedy that will help you.

  • surgical
  • It is used in severe forms of erectile dysfunction, for example, on the background of marked vascular pathology, when the appearance of an erection is possible in principle. After lingham prosthetic sexual life of patients, usually adjust.

  • physiotherapy
  • There are a number of devices for vacuum massage of the penis, which is due to the negative pressure causes an erection. This improves blood circulation, and even increases the length of the penis.

These pump devices are stationary and home treatment.

In the stationary equipment may be an additional one-off effects of electric shock and laser radiation of almost every link of the male reproductive system which allows you to treat prostatitis, urethritis, premature ejaculation and other male problems.