Alcohol and potency: the influence of the spirits of men to achieve an erection

However, not every folk wisdom is the axiom. In terms of alcohol and the potency of this statement is too superficial. Consider how alcohol affects the strength.

alcohol and potency

Why alcohol reduces a man's strength?

In both the male and female body are the hormones responsible for libido in men — testosterone in women — estrogen. When hormones are produced in sufficient quantities the man's behavior and his ability to perform full sexual intercourse, are in the normal range.

However, there are several factors which influenced the dose of the synthesized testosterone and reduced male body loses the ability to fully sex. One of the main reasons because of which you can destroy a normal sexual life cause of impotence is alcohol. While a large number of misled by the initial positive effect of the intake of alcoholic beverages.

In small doses (1 glass of red wine) alcohol cleaved and removed by the liver in about 1.5 hours. When the dose of alcohol increases, the body is not able to cope with the inhibitory and toxic effect of ethanol. With the input of large amounts of the body of the alcohol in the liver begins to produce a toxin that destroys testosterone. On the other hand, alcohol inhibits the breakdown of estrogen.

Important! If small doses of alcohol have a positive effect on libido and level of sexual life, large quantities of alcohol, particularly the ever-increasing (and exactly what happens in most cases), can destroy the sensitivity of the penis of men and the ability fully to imagine.

The effect of the beer of power

Contrary to popular belief, beer affects the potency of men only negative. And the reason for this is not even a huge amount of drink that can absorb his fans under the guise of a small amount of alcohol. When cooking any beer, even non alcoholic, a mandatory ingredient is hops. It is a source of phytoestrogens — the female hormones of vegetable origin.

The amount of these substances in beer 100 times greater than the dose produced by the female body hormone, and in 3 l drinks contain a provision to estrogen, which are able to produce the female body for one year. However, 0.3 mg hormone, synthesized by the female body is a day, let a woman live up to his image. Not surprisingly, the effect of beer on men reduces their masculinity and even a superficial fan of this drink begins to cause Association with the female body. In addition, the abuse of beer causes problems with metabolism, which results in:

  • fatty degeneration of the liver;
  • pancreatitis;
  • muscle atrophy;
  • infertility and feminization.

The consequences of alcoholism for men

The negative impact of alcohol on potency is not only a consequence of the abuse of alcohol. The main danger of alcohol in the gradual development of the symptoms. Often insight comes when it can be difficult to fix something.

In addition to reducing the quality of sexual life, men have problems physical:

  • Gastritis will often be acute gastric ulcer. The first sign of the disease — pain occurring in the Central part of the abdomen just above the navel;
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure. When combined with vascular pathology, dramatically increases the risk of stroke;
  • Liver: cirrhosis, fibrosis, alcoholic steatosis. Overloaded with toxins in the body can not cope with the load and begins to collapse under the action of the toxins;
  • Destabilization of the immune system that occurs due to an ever increasing burden on the immune system as a result of poisoning with alcohol. As a result, dramatically increases the likelihood not only of SARS or respiratory diseases, but also serious pathologies, such as tuberculosis or emphysema;
  • Ischemia or heart failure, occurs against a background of increasing slagging vessels and large arteries as a result of constant intoxication.

Important! In addition to purely physical diseases, in various stages of alcoholism can cause psychological problems: delusions of persecution, pathological jealousy, hallucinations, encephalopathy (a disorder in the brain, which may result in paralysis), dementia (mental decline).

Recovery methods potency

recovery power

If you decide to make your sexual health, then first you need to understand that alcohol and potency are not compatible. The first step for the restoration of male power after the long-dragging (even just a beer) you need to be a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages. After all, you need to get a competent opinion of a specialist about their health. Do not be mistaken, and the opinion of several doctors: andrologist, urologist, sexologist. You will get not only professional help, but also to ensure the absence of pathological conditions of the genital organs. In the case of detection of such, you will be able to begin treatment in the earliest stage.

The doctors are available to consult on the possibility of using one of the most popular methods:

  • Honey and walnuts. The ingredients are mix in equal proportions, the resulting mixture is taken three times a day after meal, 1 tbsp the Course of treatment — up to 30 days;
  • Bath with Bay leaves, is recommended to be done before bedtime for 15 minutes To enhance the effect, you can add a decoction of chamomile.

Specialist will provide detailed information on the effectiveness of the in your case, specially designed for this product.

The effectiveness of these funds can vary from 10-75%, however, their use is likely to be disposable in nature. In addition to using the reserve forces of the body these drugs increase the burden on the other organs and systems, so a doctor's consultation is required.

In addition, there are a number of products that can enhance erections with constant use:

  • fish and seafood;
  • red meat (lean);
  • eggs, nuts, honey;
  • vegetables, fruits, vegetables;
  • pumpkin seeds, dried apricots, figs.

In case of refusal from alcohol, to restore potency should also be deleted from the menu of sausages, potatoes, pasta, rice, energy and soda.

For those who doubt, whether alcohol and sex, you need to consider a few things:

  • up to 28% of the respondents of the sexual acts committed under the influence of alcohol, I can not remember the face of his partner;
  • alcohol increases the libido only the beginning, then alcohol reduces the sensitivity and slows down the sexual act;
  • sex under the influence of alcohol is often unprotected.