Herbs that increase power: main effects and methods of use

Famous doctors of antiquity in his creation of the treatment of potency herbs described more than 1000 species that enhance the potency.

means to increase the strength

On the basis of these herbs created many modern medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and improving the quality of sexual life.


For several millennia in Eastern medicine wondering what herbs increase the strength, ginseng is used as a remedy for impotence. This plant has a pronounced tonic effect, the arousing and stimulating of sexual activity. It is used in powders, solutions and tinctures, tablets and capsules.

For the development of the desired effect insufficient, single dose, multi-day necessary treatment. But, the young people to improve an erection can take it and one time, for 6-8 hours before sexual intercourse.

Ginseng is not so much enhances erection how much increases its duration. But, we need to remember that this herb should not be taken during a hangover because it can cause heart palpitations.

The tree question

This natural stimulator is well known in African countries, such as grass to increase the potency. It is sold in powder form and tablets. It is a pretty powerful tool, so is usually recommended for older men with a pretty serious violation of potency.

This plant should be consumed 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. Uncontrolled use can cause long lasting and even painful erection. Men who suffer from hypertension or cardiovascular failure, it is better not to use preparations of this plant.


Rhodiola rosea, also called Golden root, is a herbaceous perennial plants. From the roots and rhizomes the extract is prepared by 40% alcohol. This plant for hundreds of years in folk medicine of Altai are used as a means to improve the libido and is known as the grass potent.

In addition, Rhodiola reduces fatigue and increases efficiency. Extract take 5-10 drops half hour before eating three times a day for two weeks.


From the root levzei, made alcohol extract has strong stimulant effect. This plant in the ancient times, are used to improve the power, even in much older men.

As well as many other herbs for male potency, leuzea has a General tonic effect and relieves physical and mental stress. Extract should take 20-30 drops three times a day.


The yohimbe tree grows on the African continent. Its bark has long been known for its stimulating potency properties. This herbal medicine, even what is described in various myths. In the European countries finally began to produce the drug from the bark of yohimbe, named yohimbine.

Of the substances included in the composition of plants, which not only increase vitality, but also increase the production of male sex hormones, is exerting a beneficial effect on the sexual power of the people. Like many similar medications, yohimbine is not recommended for use in heart failure.

The devil

The devil is a plant of the family Araliaceae, which grows in the far East. The action of tincture of roots and rhizomes zamanihi approaching the ginseng extract. The agent should be taken in the amount of 30-40 drops, 30 minutes before a meal 2 to 3 times a day. This plant is used not only to stimulate sexual energy, but, also, as a General tonic, but still it is more known as the grass improves the potency.


This herbs for potency occurring in the far East, isolated alkaloid securinine. Application it is indicated for impotence, which is based on neuro-psychological disorders, and as powerful tools. Solution using typically assigned 20-30 drops 3 times a day. Also, it can be used in the form of tablets.

Of Aralia

On the basis of aralia prepare alcohol tincture in 70% alcohol. This tool has a positive effect on sexual function, due to its General tonic action. Tincture of aralia need to take 30 drops three times a day. There is, also, drug saparal, made from the roots of the plants. It is a powder, soluble in water.

In addition, the produced tablets, which are designated usually for 1 piece, 1-3 times a day. The course of the medicinal product must be at least two weeks.

The above plants are not a complete list of natural remedies that restore and improve the potency. At first it may seem that they are completely harmless and can be used alone. But, it is not true. Before eating any plant, you should consult a doctorbecause some diseases can't take certain products, as it may cause exacerbation or aggravation of the disease.

Also impossible to use the herb to increase the volume for a long time, as in this case, can occur negative side effects. This is due to the accumulation in the body of the harmful substances contained in the plant. In addition, the attending physician, taking into account comorbidities may choose those herbs that not only increase power, but also to reduce the symptoms of other diseases.