Effect of st. john's wort potency: benefits and harms for men contraindications

Effect of Hypericum for potency is determined by the content in the grass of nutrients, which contribute to increase the libido. Accordingly, the greatest efficiency of the plant will show whether the erectile dysfunction is caused by chronic fatigue and stress.


To understand what is the use of Hypericum for men, it is enough to study its composition.

St. john's wort for potency

Main components:

  • flavonoids – an important fact that restore normal circulation, as well as having a vasodilator action, as well as healing and anti-inflammatory;
  • ascorbic acid – helps to relieve inflammation.
  • quercetin is one of flavonoids which helps to neutralize the inflammation, remove puffiness, stimulates blood circulation and has antioxidant effect.

In addition, st. john's wort contains and other useful elements to make the herb an excellent remedy for getting rid of many pathologies, including applied and to increase the strength. It is the nutrients, vitamins p and PP, nicotinic acid, essential oil, choline.

Zinc is an important constituent that beneficially affects the power and magnesium in turn supports the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. In addition to this composition of Hypericum has such elements such as calcium, potassium, iron and manganese.

The benefits and harms of Hypericum for men

Knowing about the composition – it is easy to determine how st. john's wort affects the volume (with positive and negative sides). Consider this question in more detail.

What is useful?

Rich chemical composition of st. john's wort gives the medicinal properties, thanks to which it can be used greatly to improve the condition of the body and all its systems, and especially.

It is a great addition for the suppression of pathologies of the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory and digestive system and the organs of hematopoiesis.

St. john's wort, as mentioned above, it has remarkable antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, vasodilating properties.

Of st. john's wort and to increase the volume are good, because it helps to activate the glands of internal secretion, and thus increase the synthesis of the hormone testosterone. And, thanks to the plant's ability to stimulate the hematopoietic system appears stable erection. The above-mentioned properties is quite sufficient to be called st. john's wort is the perfect companion for the recovery of erectile function in men.

It could harm you?

So, if you apply it wrong. Therefore, you should consider some very important points – they will help you to avoid mistakes.

Also, the damage of the herb st. john's wort for the male body is as follows:

  • anxiety and premature end of intercourse is possible with the continued use of the plants (a rate of more than 20 days);
  • the active growth of hair, increased secretion of the sebaceous glands – such a development is possible with excessive consumption of infusions and decoctions. It can end with the development of oily seborrhea and after hair loss, boils and acne.

Application of st. john's wort for potency, it is worth remembering that everything is good in moderation.

Have any contraindications?

Another point that you need to know before the use of medicinal plants contraindications St John's wort men. It can not be used in the presence of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, serious pathologies in the cardiovascular system and are hypersensitive to one or more substances included in the composition. The ideal would be the variant with the prior consultation of a doctor, who will tell you whether you can use this folk remedy.

As st. john's wort affects the power and erection?

Considered since ancient times the plant is known as a strong aphrodisiac. Let us analyze its main properties useful for the stronger sex.


The beneficial properties

St. john's wort for the people, the influence of power has a direct, largely thanks to the aphrodisiac properties. Helps to relieve stress and to increase sexual desire. It also great increases the sensitivity and stimulate the erection. All this is possible through improving circulation and normalizing the functioning of the nervous system. Do not forget about the positive impact of the production of androgens.

Worsens or improves?

As mentioned above, st. john's wort may give the opposite effect if you use it for a certain period of time and in the amount higher than expected. It is advisable to follow certain dose due to excessive acceptance of the plant can cause overstimulation, which in some cases is much worse than the lack of an erection.

Recipes and application features

Examining whether st. john's wort in power, and as it happens, it's time to learn the ways of medicinal herbs in the fight against this disease, as well as lack of erection or significantly worsening of the condition.

Use of the plant in different forms, on the basis of the preparation of tinctures, decoctions, teas and extracts are used. Generally, everything here is good, the most important thing is that they are prepared on the basis of st. john's wort.

It is possible and external use. For this purpose, use essential oils and alcohol use of the medicinal product. Makes possible to enhance libido no worse than taking the above medication.

Of the features of the application are such moments:

  • not to reduce, not to increase the duration of the treatment;
  • do not cut and do not add the amount of herbs depending on the specific doses;
  • consumed before meals, for one hour and a half;
  • do not risk in the presence of contraindications, and not to take st. john's wort, if there is a suspicion of the presence of the same.


Perhaps the easiest way to use plants. Therapeutic properties of st. john's wort, for men will be revealed, as well. You need 10 g of grass pour boiling water and leave for 30 minutes. After this time the drink strain and drink. It is recommended to use a medicinal tea 50 ml, three times a day after 2 weeks.

If you want tea, you can add lemon, rosehip, thyme, ginger or honey to improve its taste, and make it healthy for the body.

The infusion

However, tea made from st. john's wort for men – not just a good recipe. You can also make an infusion in water or alcohol. In the first case, you will need a tablespoon dried herbs pour a glass of boiling water, cool, strain and drink as tea, 3 times a day for 14 days.

For the production of tincture of alcohol requires 0.1 kg of crushed dried st. john's wort pour 0.5 liters of vodka, close the container and leave to infuse fluid within the 1-1. 5 weeks. Accepted the infusion of Hypericum for men 30-40 drops for two weeks, then it is important to take a break (minimum 30 days), after which the course may be repeated if necessary.

The coupons

It is believed that in this form, st. john's wort is less effective compared to tea or tinctures. It is recommended as a preventive measure, and not when the problem already exists. In addition, the soup may not be stored more than one day, because it cook a lot at once makes no sense.

For cooking you need a big tablespoon of raw pour a glass of water, put the pot from the fire, wait for the boil and keep on low fire for another quarter of an hour. After giving the broth to cool, strain, and take three times a day after 2 weeks.

How much you need to drink st. john's wort to cure potency?

All of the above recipes say that the plant must be brought within 14 days, regardless of the form it is not used. This use of the term is the best, as st. john's wort for the improvement of the erection, whether you will have benefit and not be harmful.

Reviews of men and of the doctors

Perhaps the best way to test the effectiveness of a way to introduce the reviews in which people write their opinion about the different methods of treatment. If you want, you can learn and what you think the doctor regarding the treatment chosen.

What do the representatives of the stronger sex?

Men literally subscribe to every good word spoken in the address of st. john's wort, as this herb not only helps to establish a sexual life, but also to improve overall health.

Those who have already tried st. john's wort as a means to increase the potency, I advise you to do it with other men experiencing problems in bed.

The opinion of the medical staff.

Doctors more appropriate to look at all the problems in the human body and do not always agree with treatment with traditional medicine (especially big cities).

However, if the problem with erections is a common stress and fatigue, the doctor confirmed that st. john's wort really helps to improve the sexual health of men.

Now, knowing that st. john's wort is useful for people, such as to prepare and to consume, you can proceed with the immediate restoration of male power (do not forget to have patience, because the instant effect is to be expected when using the "grandma" recipes pointless).