How to increase the volume: products-aphrodisiacs for good

Sharp decline of the libido — the scourge of our time. Stress, fatigue, lack of physical activity, snacking in fast food, i.e. lack of time, people who try to combine family and career, prevent the creation of a healthy sexual relationship. And the lack of regular sexual contacts of people in the reproductive age leads to a number of physiological and psychological problems.

products for potency

Already 35 years one of the four men noted sexual dysfunction, to 40 years, every second man suffers from urogenital diseases.

Many find this problem, try to disguise it pharmacy drugs to increase potency type "Viagra", which only aggravates the situation. If sexual disorder called disease taking stimulants lead to serious complications, to surgery. Also "Viagra" and the like adversely affects the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver and pancreas. Thus, minute "improvement" may cost health or even life.

Products to increase the strength

Our ancestors never experienced problems related to sexual disorder. All over the world people knew of certain products, spices, herbs, which are supported high sexual activity until old age.

To the East are actively used spices in China — seafood, in Ancient Greece, beans, pistachios, lentil, Europe, asparagus and artichoke. The slavs for the maintenance of high libido used ginseng, thyme, garlic, honey beverages with medicinal herbs, mushrooms, nuts, the testicles of animals.

Eating fast food, sausages, fat free yogurt, beer and carbonated beverages, people of both sexes fill the body with chemical substances, depriving him of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Hence, the fatigue, sickness, and sexual disorder.

You can improve the situation a proper diet which involves regular consumption of foods-aphrodisiacs for men and women. They include:

  • garden plants (Basil, dill, green onions, spinach, leaf celery);
  • nuts (walnuts, pistachios);
  • spices (curry, cardamom, red chili peppers, sage, anise);
  • fruits and berries (strawberries, apricots, figs, peaches, grapes, pomegranates, apples, strawberries, blackberries, blackcurrant, raspberry, quince, oranges);
  • vegetables (celery, carrots, garlic, asparagus, tomatoes, sweet pepper);
  • mushrooms;
  • seafood (crabs, seaweed and marine fish, invertebrates);
  • fatty river fish;
  • liver and fish ROE;
  • lentils, beans, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds;
  • chicken eggs and quail;
  • red meat animals;
  • med.

The influence of power and the orgasm of vitamins and minerals

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, which are rich with these products, regain strength and energy, increase resistance to stress, strengthening the immune system, increases sexual desire, to prevent the development of pathologies of the reproductive system in both men and women.

Pro-vitamin a, vitamin C, b vitamins are involved in the formation of histamine. In the case of its deficiency, both men and women experience problems with achieving orgasm.

Animal proteins and vitamins that are necessary for the normal synthesis of the seminal fluid. Vitamins C, D, Is of vital importance to every man. They are involved in the production of testosterone, responsible for male health, and sexual activity.

Vitamins A, E, and boron are necessary for estrogen synthesis, maintain the health of the reproductive system and achieving orgasm.

Here are some recipes from the "sexual menu", which will help to diversify your Desk and sex life.

Soup beans

You will need:

  • 4 tomatoes;
  • a chili pepper;
  • Bank of canned white beans;
  • one chopped zucchini;
  • spices and garlic.

In boiling water, boil the chopped and peeled tomatoes for about 10 minutes. Then add kidney beans, zucchini, spices to taste (I love nutmeg and oregano), chili pepper, finely chopped garlic and cook another 7-10 minutes. Sprinkle with herbs and voila!

Meals of cauliflower

You will need:

  • medium head of cauliflower;
  • groats quinoa;
  • cheese (Parmesan, Gouda, cheddar);
  • 1 egg;
  • oil sunflower oil or olive oil;
  • herbs, spices.
eating the right food

Finely chop a medium head of cauliflower, fry until soft in vegetable oil, at the end add fresh herbs (parsley or oregano), and spices: I recommend the nutmeg and turmeric.

Separately boil the groats quinoa (200 g), finely grate the cheese. Mix in a large bowl, cabbage, cheese, quinoa, and add 1 raw beaten eggs. Put in a container for baking and cooking (preheated oven) for 10 minutes at a temperature of 200oC.

Beet salad

You will need:

  • 2-3 beets;
  • pearl barley — 150 g;
  • lemon;
  • fennel, parsley;
  • garlic;
  • olive oil;
  • the balsamic vinegar;
  • mustard.

Beet my crude and bake about one hour at a temperature of 200oC. Allow to cool, peel and cut into cubes.

While the beets are in the oven, boil 150 g of pearl barley until al dente, rinse well and allow to cool. Finely chop the fresh fennel and finely chop the parsley.

Mix all the ingredients.

For the filling mix 1 crushed garlic clove, 1 tbsp olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh lemon juice (2 tsp) and 1 tsp of mustard.

Dressed and served cold.

The most effective way to maintain sexual health and increase libido — to follow the simple rules:

  • move more, walk, exercise;
  • relax;
  • to avoid hypothermia;
  • properly and harmoniously to eat.