What to eat men to increase the volume and the maintenance of the masculinity of old age

How to boost your sexual performance, many people are interested in the great men. And of our contemporaries are constantly looking for some magical product for a stable erection.

Power for male power

I must say that food can have on our health as a huge favor, and inflict irreparable damage. Therefore, carefully consider the refrigerator and to remove all excess of food for the potency of men was the basis of the diet.

Products bearing damage

If you decide to increase your power and with the help of a diet, the first step is to find out what is the most harmful to male power. First of all, to improve the volume need to be delivered from the smoked meat and sausages. Since almost all products are made with artificial substances that are very toxic and negatively affects the male testicles.

This is followed by alcohol. Any alcoholic beverages will negatively affect the production of the male hormone testosterone. Any sweets and sweet drinks. Sugar contributes to poor production of sperm, as well as a general loss of body fluid. The frequent consumption of fatty milk pumps work hormonal. Generates a large amount of female hormones.

Also, you need to give up fast food, which reduces the production of testosterone. You will have to exclude all the oily food that contain cholesterol. High cholesterol can lead to blockages of the blood vessels, and it is a direct way to impotence.

Special attention should be paid to their diet of vegetarians. For the complete exclusion of meat from the diet, can negatively affect the health of men. However, if you replace meat with soy, happen excessive accumulation of female sex hormones.

Unhealthy food for potency is found between the daily diet of most men. Even a simple abuse of coffee can lead to erection problems. This happens due to the excessive public of adrenaline in the blood after drinking coffee and many energy drinks. This substance gives the attention, but then reduces the level of testosterone, which leads to problems in men's health.

Useful products for men

Food for potency will be useful in case contain the necessary microelements, among which the most important are zinc, and vitamins, including a and group B.

In the first place was nuts. For male potency is the most useful product. The more that eat nuts have a very small number. You can just add a few any nuts in your daily meals is enough. The main thing - do not overdo it, because all fruits are rich in calories.


What to eat besides nuts? In Eastern countries the most strong aphrodisiacs refers to the camel's stomach. The modern men from our country, it is difficult to come by, so that not everyone has the opportunity to use it. Sweet you should pay attention to dark chocolate. It will help you to expand the blood vessels, to improve blood circulation in the penis. Eat your treat in small amounts.

Fish and seafood are another the united states for good potency. They contain all the necessary trace elements. But, the most important product of all men is meat. It contains animal protein which is the building material for any kind of muscle. It is important that the meat was not fatty. The best dietary types of meat, such as rabbit, chicken or beef.

To increase the volume in the house conditions great greens, in all its forms. It can be parsley, dill, celery, the main thing is to use constantly. Simply add it to all dishes and salads.

Dairy products, especially yogurt, helps to keep itself in full combat readiness. Also, and of dairy products depends on the normal reproductive function of men. Diet for impotence should include juices, including pomegranate, through which improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

According to studies, men who drank Mare's milk, had a good men's health and the ability to continue to deliver sexual intercourse. You can eat a few dates every day - it will improve your libido and maintain for the duration of sex. In addition, the diet for potency need to include avocados and watermelon. The second contributes to the prevention of prostate cancer. Genghis Khan's warriors were required to take milk from the Mare, because it gave them power and supplied energy.

And, of course, honey. Without this product of beekeeping necessary for a full-fledged sexual life. Honey helps in the production of testosterone, and also improves the flow of blood in the penis. From the drinks to have a positive impact ginger tea, which you should drink at least once a day.

All the useful for potency foods rich in protein, and contains zinc, magnesium, calcium and improves the circulation of blood. It is important to cook. Useful for potency the recipes are easy to find on the internet, as well as in all the books with the most popular herbs.

Ginger tea

Recipes for healthy food

Food for the increase of the volume of men should consist of large quantities of protein and also contains zinc, b vitamins, and substances that improve circulation.

Here are a few popular and effective recipes:

  1. The chinese recipe. It is necessary to take 100 g. lean pork, the same tomato and squid, as well as 50 grams. luke. Mix ingredients and boil in half liter of water per hour. Take once in two weeks.
  2. Any cakes with coriander is considered an excellent means to increase potency and increase libido.
  3. All salads need to add cheese, which contains vitamins of the group B.
  4. As dessert is the perfect nuts with honey.
  5. To feed your man oysters is a storehouse of nutrients; they are perfectly combined with vegetables, many salads.
  6. Braised flounder. Can cook; it contains all the nutrients that are responsible for male strength. The main thing - do not fry, as fried food oil contains many carcinogens, and is a direct path of cancer, including the prostate.

In conclusion,

If you follow the simple rules of good nutrition, the issue of the powerlessness and impotence do not stand in front of you for a long time. Just need to remove the harmful products from the menu and replace it with dishes, you can continue health in old age.