How beer can affect the strength?

People associated with medicine, we talk about harm of beer for men. Mentions the formation over time of alcohol dependence, frequent use of male beer, the second is a very negative effect on potency. The statistics show that beer alcohol dependence, in comparison with vodka, is formed much faster.


With the passage of time deteriorate, not only physical, but also mental well-being, there is a loss of strength and deterioration of self-esteem. However, fans of the drink believe that it is not only not harmful, but it also brings a lot of benefits.

Let's see how the beer affects the power and status of the body and the processes that are happening in the body when it is prolonged and regular use.

The beer

First, let's talk about the components that make up this beer, clear the table:

The name of the component The list and characteristics
VitaminsThe malt used for the preparation of the drink provides the b vitamins, folic acid and its derivatives – folate.
Fiber Man per day should be consumed 30 grams of fiber, 1/3 of which should be submitted to the soluble part. The use of a limited amount of beer can provide 17% soluble fiber, which help to reduce cholesterol and avoid constipation.
Trace elements In the drink, thanks to the malt contains more than 30 trace elements in one liter is almost 50% of the required human daily intake of magnesium, phosphorus in the amount of 40%, 20% potassium and even some calcium. It should be remembered that the drinks are brewed in containers made of metal alloy. Therefore, it may contain a little copper or zinc. Themselves brewer's yeast is a source of iron, copper, zinc, molybdenum, selenium and chromium. The composition of beer contains silicon – this element is needed by the body to produce collagen, part of the tissue.
Ethanol Such substances are found in all alcoholic beverages and by eating them in large quantities to adversely affect health. Studies have shown that ethanol in small amounts in some cases prevent the damage to the vascular system of the brain, the development of heart disease and diabetes, promotes good cholesterol.
Maltodextrin The drink contains a significant amount of nutrients . They are complex carbohydrates, the time splitting which is large. Accordingly, the release of glucose happens gradually, preventing the development of hypoglycemia.
Hops This component distinguishes beer from other alcohol. For the positive properties of the hops, saying its anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. Antibacterial resistance provide of acid in the composition of plant polyphenols, which is natural antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. Also, the antioxidants in the drink, to prevent aging and the development of cardiovascular diseases

Consequently, the substances entering into the composition of beer, for the most part are useful and needed by the body. Controversy raises the calorie content of beer, which could negatively affect the weight of the drinkers.

However, if you look closely on the label of the bottle, it can be noted that 200 ml of the drink contains only 90 calories. Nonalcoholic beer in the same amount contains only 34 calories. With all this, men who abuse drink, not a "beer belly". In this case, it is not about calories and the above-mentioned substances, and for the female hormones of vegetable origin that negatively affect the hormonal background of the organism.

Estrogen and the male body

Despite the fact that estrogens belong to the female sex hormones, which are produced by the ovaries in a male body, they are also present, but in smaller quantities. The production of these hormones men engaged in the testicles with the adrenal cortex. However, for the most part, the production of estrogen in men – it is the transformation of molecules of testosterone. If to consider, what makes the beer from the point of view of the presence of estrogen, you should start with consideration of their positive qualities for men:

  • they are able to keep within the acceptable limits of cholesterol;
  • in connection with the testosterone provide better muscle growth;
  • the support of the sustainable condition of the nervous system;
  • with an insufficient amount of estrogen in the body, neither women nor men are not immune to a reduction of libido.

As we grow older men in the natural hormonal balance changes. Levels of the hormone testosterone gradually declines as men age is not increasing the level of estrogen. When there is an insufficient amount of testosterone begin deposition of excess fat that is particularly dangerous in the stomach area. This is an area transformirovalsya testosterone into estrogen, increasing the number of which is the deterioration of health in General.

Excess estrogen can lead to depression and stress, can develop gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction, suppressed production of testosterone, deposition of fat occurs on the female type.

Level of estrogen can increase not only due to age, but also due to the way of life, because of incorrectly chosen diet when menu foods contains many of these substances.

The effect of beer on the strength of the men, with common use, it has a negative impact on the appearance of the face. The general features of the men are becoming feminised. In the list of side dishes, raising the level of estrogens come from soy, which is part of numerous products such as dairy products and meat, and desserts, the green plants, including beans, legumes and peas.

The estrogen level increases in the background of the abuse of coffee. And finally, you should consider one of the most important representatives of alcohol – beer, which have a significant influence on the male body, especially for the male potency – estrogens, inhibiting the hormones in the organism of the representatives of the stronger sex, the reason, for which is formed a sexual dysfunction.

  • the deposition of fat on the sides, the hips;
  • enlargement of the pelvic area;
  • is growth of breast glands;
  • there is sometimes a high-pitched voice;
  • decreases in the size of the penis.
The effect of alcohol on male potency

For such a global change is sufficient for daily use of about one and a half liters of beer. Scientists conducted experiments that involved farm animals. The essence of the experiment consists in their diet of plants, composed of phyto-estrogen.

As a result, the test subjects had problems with the health of the animals should lose the ability to reproduce. On the basis of this experience we can assume the effect of the beer of power – it is likely that it will be positive, as well as the ability to produce offspring.

We talk about how the abuse of the beer affects the strength. The occurrence and development of male traits is not possible without testosterone – this hormone is not only for men usually, but also easy transformirovalsya in phyto-estrogens under certain conditions. The reverse transformation does not. It is the testosterone has a big influence on the erection. Many representatives of the stronger sex of the lower levels of the hormone tend to fall into a depression, refusing sexual contact.

Beer and potency incompatible if the drink is consumed in large quantities. The production of testosterone is in the testes, which are under the influence of alcohol-containing beverages over time will atrophy. Another side effect of alcohol abuse – to the disruption of the function of the liver, resulting in the production of enzymes that destroy testosterone.

The regular consumption of beer are faced with problems with ejaculation control and erection. Beer have a problem with impotence when the flow of blood into the sex organ is insufficient:

  • Testosterone depression affects the quality of the ejaculate.
  • Sperm become less mobile.
  • To achieve orgasm is difficult, because with the constant use of beer is gradually damaged the subcortical structure of the brain.
  • The beer adversely affects the genitourinary system, including kidneys, which also reduces the potency.
  • If you are able to carry out the insemination, the risk of birth of children with various defects, and physical and mental.

After drinking alcohol, male reproductive system stabiliziruemost for at least one month. Alcohol during this period continues to negatively affect sperm, and all this leads to a decrease in the rate of sperm and changes in the structure of the ejaculate.

Important! Updated the sperm with a three-month break, and, if you are planning on conceiving a child for at least this period should refuse to accept alcoholic drink.

Another point in the context of the impact of beer on the male body. Rarely who drink this drink by itself, the burden of it is snacks, fatty and spicy meat dishes, sausage, sausage, fried foods. This menu is not affect the level of cholesterol, the negative point is the blockage of the blood vessels, which also reduces the strength.

The benefits of beer

Positive aspects in the consumption of beer

Taking into account all changes in organs and systems by drinking beer, there are natural worries and doubts, as to give up the delicious drink, the men are not prepared. Swedish scientists decided to make a positive in the minds of the masses, proved and confirmed for the justification of the fact that beer can be beneficial effects on the libido factor. However, to achieve this effect, it is necessary to follow two rules:

  • It is impossible to exceed a daily rate of alcohol – the maximum volume for men is nothing more than a pint.
  • Another important issue – the quality of the drink and its grade. Unfortunately, modern beer is brewed with the use of beer powder is a product of the deliberate and unnatural. For this reason, and its utility is highly questionable.

It turned out that often the reason for the development of health problems is the consumption of beer dark varieties. However, in the initial stages, and when small quantities of beer to support the health of the kidneys, due to the fact that it is a natural diuretic. Also receive limited quantities of the beer of the tone of the heart and blood vessels, strengthens the walls of the organs, improves the appetite and metabolic processes, prevents the formation of blood clots, normalizes intestinal flora and do not form renal stones.