Garlic for potency men ways of making effective remedies at home

Reduced potency in men are often associated with blood circulation in the pelvic area. The most common cause is a sedentary lifestyle, which leads to the stagnations of blood in the prostate. To restore the flow of blood helps garlic. Additionally, it shows anti-inflammatory effect and so is an excellent prevention of prostatitis. Another useful property of this vegetable – strengthen the immune system, which ensures the activation of all the life cycle of the organism.

garlic for potency men

What is the potency

In Latin the term "power" to translate as opportunity. This term refers to the ability of the organism to sexual relations. In sexology potency is more frequently in connection with male sexuality. They have this notion reflects the ability to perform the sexual act. Under the potency to understand:

  • the duration of the sexual intercourse;
  • the ability to have an erection;
  • at the level of the male libido;
  • the ability to satisfy a woman;
  • the possibility of conception.

Reduced potency in men are associated with the action of physical or psychological factors. The second even greater impact on the ability to perform sexual intercourse. Even unconscious psychological disorders that men do not pay attention, can interfere with normal sexual urges. The reasons for the decline of the potency refers to the following:

  • an improper diet;
  • bad habits of Smoking and alcohol;
  • the defeat of the genitourinary system from viruses or bacteria;
  • injuries to the abdomen, pelvis or in the spine;
  • the effect of certain components;
  • the sedentary way of life, which led to stagnations of blood in the pelvic area.

The effect of garlic on sexual potency

In the period of the Middle ages, when there were no antibiotics, the plant was used extensively for the treatment of various diseases. Great benefits that this vegetable brings to the male potency, because it has a stimulating effect of an aphrodisiac. In addition, activates the production of sexual hormone, testosterone, which directly influence sexual performance and reproductive function in men. The beneficial properties of the plant because of its composition, which includes:

  • essential oils;
  • essential organic and amino acids;
  • sugars;
  • alkaloids;
  • flavonoids;
  • minerals – potassium, zinc, magnesium, manganese;
  • vitamins C, a, K, E, V.

Another useful property of garlic for male potency – stimulation of the synthesis of a small amount of hydrogen sulfide in the body that act as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor .The vegetable has several useful properties for the potency of men:

  • restoration of blood flow and filling its cavernous bodies of the penis;
  • prevention of cancer;
  • the improvement of the quality of the erection;
  • prevention of premature ejaculation;
  • increase of libido and sexual attraction of the opposite sex;
  • prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system due to destruction of viruses and bacteria;
  • stimulates production of seminal fluid, increase its quantity;
  • protection of the seed from the injurious action of antioxidants, improvement of its quality.
garlic for improvement of potency in men

Instructions for use

According to the doctor's recommendations it is recommended to eat not more than 1200 mg of vegetable of the day. If you have more, there is a risk of blood thinning. The minimum dose consumption, which benefits for the body, is 1 clove which can be divided into 2-3 reception during the day. Use garlic for male power in the following forms:

  • In its raw form as a Supplement of the first united states. In this case, you just need to eat denticle during meals. To cope with the distinctive smell, you can eat it with parsley or a slice of lemon, drink a glass of whole milk or tea with cinnamon. To eliminate the odor and to help remove the green vegetable core (rod).
  • As a condiment to a second dish. Garlic for frying or cooking as it will lose its beneficial properties. For 5-10 minutes heat treatment of these losses will be minimal, 15-30 min, average, 45 or more minutes is the maximum. To vegetables are identified allicin (one of the useful substances), you must first grind the cloves and then leave them for 5-10 minutes. If you just throw the vegetables in the pot or pan, this process will not start.
  • As a Supplement of different salads. One of the simplest snacks made from 1 big Apple, 1 medium carrot and 4 cloves of garlic. These ingredients need to be shredded, mix and fill with a tablespoon of honey. This salad perfect for a snack or side dish for main meals.
  • As a tincture, decoction or extract. The basis for these remedies is water, alcohol or vodka. The last two components are more concentrated compositions, but they cannot use those who do not consume alcohol. In this case it is necessary to use the recipes of decoctions or infusions.

Garlic as an aphrodisiac

Under understand aphrodisiacs substances that stimulate or enhance sexual desire. Although garlic odor and is not associated with something romantic, he has earned a reputation as a strong excitation means. This property is due to the warming and the effect of vegetables on the body and genitals. In addition, the allicin in its composition stimulating effect of certain parts of the brain.

In the East in ancient times, and lovers had a goodbye to eat in the denticle of this vegetable in Greece, it was believed that garlic aroma that make a man to fall in love with a woman. For the libido enhancement you need every day to include garlic in Breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can use them in the form of infusion. Ingredients for cooking:

  • garlic – 1 kg;
  • water – 3 l

Cloves of garlic is better to cut manually with a knife. The use of allium press, you will reduce the amount of nutrients from the plant. Method of preparation and use of infusion:

  1. Clean the cloves, finely chop, then place at the bottom of the 3-liter jar.
  2. Fill them with the boiled water, cover with a lid, place in a cool dark place for 1 month.
  3. After a certain period, drink 1 teaspoon per day, the dilution medium 0.5 cup of milk.

Recipes for potency men

Luke and potency are compatible, but to obtain good results, it is important to use this vegetable. Besides adding it to food, it is used in the form of decoctions, infusions and tinctures. These tools have some differences:

  • The broth is prepared of the water – a basic material is poured hot or cold liquid, and then cook on the fire, or water bath for 15-60 minutes. Length of time depends on the used ingredients.
  • When cooking raw infusion simply pour boiling water for some time, and then strain and drink immediately.
  • Tincture is a popular product manufactured on the basis of alcohol or vodka. Such compositions are considered to be more effective, because they concentrate more nutrients. In addition, the tinctures stored for longer and does not require daily preparation.

Infused vodka

garlic for potency men tincture

Use vodka for the body is great, but only when used within normal limits. In the course of the day, allowed to drink no more than 30 ml. Vodka in such quantities has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and immune system, gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract. Thanks to it, reduces the risk of ischemia of the heart, improves the appetite, cease to grow atherosclerotic plaques, which impair blood circulation and thus reduce the potency. Ingredients to make garlic tincture:

  • vodka – 100 ml;
  • garlic teeth – 40

The uncontrolled use of alcoholic beverages may be the beginning of alcoholism. For this reason, in the treatment of domestic remedies based on the vodka you need to be careful. Doctors do not recommend their use as a remedy without prior consultation. In small amounts, and in consultation with a specialist application is allowed. Tincture the garlic for the potency is prepared and adopted by the following instructions:

  1. Luke's head clean from the shell, chop.
  2. Pour vegetable vodka, pour the mixture into a glass container with a lid.
  3. Hold 10-11 days in dark place, shake daily.
  4. Use 10 drops, to add in 40-50 ml of milk. Drink 2-3 times a day.
  5. The course of treatment is 1 month, and then receiving the infusion should be stopped.

Infusion water for men

If as a basis for the remedies selected water, infuse will have a lot longer than if you use vodka. In addition, changing part of the basic ingredients. They need a little more:

  • juicy fresh garlic – 1 kg;
  • water – 3 l

Water garlic infusion for the potency can replace the alcohol tincture for those who do not consume alcohol. The method of preparation and use:

  1. Garlic heads are cleaned, split into cloves and crush.
  2. Put them in a 3-liter jar, pour the brim with boiled water.
  3. Close the container lid, place the foil.
  4. To withstand in a dark place for 30 days, daily shake.
  5. Ready to drink tincture 1 tsp 1 time a day. You can add a few drops of milk. The course lasts 1 month.

Honey and garlic

Wide application in folk medicine, it has been a combination of this vegetable with honey. Their mixture shows the analgesic, antiseptic and diuretic properties that will be useful not only for impotence, but also in the following diseases:

  • pyelonephritis;
  • pathology of the gallbladder and liver;
  • the lung diseases;
  • problems with the digestive tract;
  • inflammation of the pharynx.

Garlic for potency men is necessary because it strengthens the erection, increases libido. Honey affects the functioning of sperm, increasing the chances for conception of a child. In addition, the bee product contains zinc and selenium, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system of men. In the lack of vitamin D, which is composed of honey reduces the production of testosterone – the hormone responsible for sexual ability. The necessary ingredients for the preparation of the tools:

  • lemon – 10 Pcs.;
  • honey – 1 kg;
  • garlic bulbs – 5 Pcs.

Cooked so you need to take 2 tsp 2 times a day. Of course, it is not less than 2 months. It is allowed to combine the intake of tea. Store better in glass containers on the shelf in the fridge. Way of preparation:

  1. Lemons peel and seeds, grind with a grinder or a blender.
  2. Peeled garlic teeth, finely chopped.
  3. Mix the chopped ingredients, add the honey. The tool is ready for use.

Garlic and egg

Of products for the enhancement of potency in men is used and eggs – the chicken or quail. The latter have a greater benefit to the reproductive system. A good result with regular use give the chicken egg. They increase the level of testosterone in the blood of men, have a positive impact on the duration of sexual intercourse and the intensity of the feelings during it. Eggs and garlic for potency, men may simply be added to meals, such as salads, soups, appetizers. One of the recipes require the following ingredients:

  • butter – 2 tbsp;
  • garlic cloves – 2 Pcs.;
  • bread – 8 small pieces;
  • mayonnaise – 2 tbsp;
  • salt, pepper – to your taste;
  • chicken eggs – 3 Pcs.

If you use quail eggs, then they need to prepare need 4-5 times more. Use them to replace the chicken is quite acceptable, the main thing – to observe the proportions. The method of preparation of meal:

  1. The pieces of bread on each side to lubricate a thin layer of butter.
  2. Bake them in the oven at 180 degrees, or fry in the pan until Golden brown.
  3. Eggs boil, cool, clean the shell, and then grated.
  4. Add the chopped garlic, black pepper, salt and mayonnaise, mix well.
  5. Spread the mixture each slice of bread with one hand.

Carrots with garlic

As the seasoning garlic teeth can be added to different salads. They go well with cardamom, parsley, cilantro, onions, watercress. No less tasty appetizer shrimp, crab, lobster, scallops. Can be used not only root, but also the green part of the garlic. Combine with vegetables and cheese and cheese. Get delicious garlic salads that contain carrots. The ingredients for this snack:

  • salt – 2 pinches;
  • mayonnaise – 3 tbsp;
  • raw carrots medium size – 2 Pcs.;
  • garlic teeth – 3 Pcs.;
  • sugar – little by desire.

A great addition to the salad prepared for this recipe, you will be toast. Can be directly put snack - it is served you will be in the form of sandwiches. Method of preparation of salad:

  1. Carrots cleaned, washed, to grate on a coarse grater.
  2. To add vegetables and mayonnaise, mix well.
  3. Luke's teeth are clean, chop, season them with salad.
  4. Add salt and optional sugar, to put the snack in the united states.


  • hepatitis;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (the gastrointestinal tract);
  • epileptic attacks;
  • of renal disease;
  • defects of the pancreas;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • hypersensitivity of the composition of this vegetable;
  • anal fissures, inflammation of the hemorrhoids.