As mint affect male potency?

Perennial grasses, green and fragrant plant the mint, there are dozens of types of mainly cultivated, growing in the beds and hardy wild - in the forests, and with them, and subspecies. So, this plant is used in the medical industry, what is the influence of the mint of male potency? She successfully treats stomach ailments, sedative effect on the overexcited nerves, regulates sweating.

how the mint affects the volume

Tea we have added a few small sheets of fresh bright green mint visibly tones and refreshes for a long time in the summer. However, its impact on hormones and of men and of sexual activity makes healers and scientists to argue from antiquity to our time.

The high content of concentrated essential oils gives the peppermint pronounced flavoring properties, mainly, the tartness and fresh, absolutely unique taste. It is thanks to this quality mint in demand in the process of the production of cosmetic products, pharmacological and, of course, the food, the trades of each city. Win the most popular flavors, contains peppermint. What we have at the end? We only need to consider the benefits and harms of fragrant grass, that is, its negative and positive properties in terms of the strong floor.

Mint is different

In most cases, we use one of the many types of mints, namely peppermint, it enriches its taste and unforgettable aroma of fresh non-alcoholic and alcoholic including black and green teas, cosmetics, cigarettes and cough drops. Not mint on the strength of the lord and how we need to be afraid of what they say? If you are afraid of the rumors about the dangers of the extract of mint on the dignity of men, not in a hurry to abandon it.

Buy favorite toothpaste and mouthwash with mint flavor and can stay on the shelf, do not rush to throw a mint gel for shaving. Because all these funds contain only the got the artificial chemicals way smell of mint, not necessarily directly to the factory is irrelevant.

Where contains delicious peppermint in its natural form? The usual teas and various herbs, but not everyone, because it is replaced with cheap flavorings, artificial. Essential oil of mint is one in a series of different aromatic oils, very popular dozens of years. Packed dried mint you can buy in your local pharmacy, and as fresh, then you can meet in the suburbs of flowerbeds, well-tended garden plots, and from time to time in the supermarket shelves.

mint is different

That is from the favor of the man carrying the mint

Alone, all the necessary trace elements, vitamin complex, and a bit of tannins - all contain mint. Such a composition has a positive effect on the male system. How peppermint affects the power? There is evidence that peppermint may reduce the power, because of its soothing properties. Yes, it soothes and relaxes, allowing the initial physical and psychological arousal, but no effect can have a negative effect on the potency of the stronger sex in such small amounts like a Cup of tea or a glass of Mojito. Really is a lower power, it is necessary to use the mint in large quantities regularly. Effect on your body following.

Nervous system. Black, and best of green tea from mint or alcoholic infusion soothes, eliminates the tension and all types of nature, significantly expands the mind, tones and increases efficiency, without causing drowsiness.

Stomach. The mint contributes to the deterioration of appetite, normalization of the acid and water balance, to get rid of the nausea. It increases overall speed and quality of the digestive process, it quickly prevents any need to severe nausea, if necessary.

In general. Peppermint is a function of the counteracting inflammatory processes, it acts as a powerful antioxidant and has a positive effect on the immune system.

By herbalists today, it is proven that mint has a good effect on the nervous system. And in ancient times men used the delicious and fresh vegetables from the garden mint, peppermint oil and aroma lamp to solve difficult situations in the process of military advice and deals. Ancestors intuitively used peppermint, noticing its effects on the brain.

There is nothing better than a few drops of oil of peppermint bath to relax after a hard day's work. For each men peppermint is considered useful and aromatic, spicy herb that supports health and improves the mood. In addition, it is:

  • Refreshing
  • Improves mood
  • Soothes
  • Tones
  • Well relaxes
  • Soothes
  • Protects against radiation exposure
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves sleep and helps with insomnia
  • Effective in diseases associated with the respiratory system
  • An excellent remedy for colds and throat trouble
  • Pain killer

Tea made from this magical green plant will definitely improve the Overall condition of the wounded system is important for procreation, the authorities and, most importantly, in the compliance state, so the vulnerable male body. Calming to the nerves, mint has a bright action of the exciting nature of the ability (or lack thereof) in the sexual sense. The main thing is to drink no more (or less) a few weak cups of concentrated drinking. This part will help the man to feel at ease and to be always ready for intimacy with women. If you're going to use a lot more, the results can turn to a nightmare.

The effect of mint can be negative

Not mint on male potency a negative sense? We've already figured out that there is. Today, of course you can hear such opinion in the company of men, that mint - women's grass, contain an analogue of estrogen, known as useful for the female body hormone of men and is harmful. It is the reason why many of the male representatives mistakenly believe that nothing good mint you will not bring, in addition to damage.

Rest assured, everything is too exaggerated. For men absolutely safe to consume the tea with the mint, including a daily addition of just a few plant leaves in salad. There is no damage and oil burner filled with five drops of oil of mint, lit before the long-awaited date with a girl. Case dosage.

In order to cause at least some loss of male sexual power, you must drink a concentrated drink gallons of peppermint, and use only natural and fresh or dried mint, not tea from a bag. You need to add in salads, bunches of mint on a daily basis, but it is unlikely that they will be delicious, not bitter and mainly eating.

As it is, and mint is undoubtedly useful for every person from the harmful. She'll cheer up when you need it, tones and improves overall health, normalizes perspiration better than the expensive fat and safe. What is the most important thing - measure. This applies to any healing wonder of the plant or the finished product.

Avoid abuse

Be careful, if you drink too much strong tea made from only one mint, it annually and the allowed rate will be significantly higher than the allowed, there will be some irregularities in the sexual kit. Unfortunately, all of this will inevitably lead to impotence, a reduction in testosterone, the weakening of erection.

As a result of entering into the male body dose is highly contained in this wonderful plant substances will be provided with a harmful effect on the healthy once the potency. In the meantime, the normalized consumption of mint affects only the favorable. Men do not need to indulge in a delicious hot or cold Cup of tea with delicious mint green.

These recipes are 100% will increase the strength

recipes for increased strength

We have seen how the mint affects the potency of men, pure and simple. How not mint is combined with other herbs appropriate for her? Exclusively positive! The right combination of benefits and will help to improve potency in men.

1. Effective means potency can be prepared from the clover grow in any lawn is considered a weed, nettle, st. john's wort, the Almighty and gentle mint. The infusion of these herbs involves the use of a 5 spoons of tea of each herb and 1 liter of boiling water. The broth is cooked for 15-20 minutes. To 200-250 ml a few times a day will help to achieve significant results.

2. Only 2 pinches of mint, one of rosemary and four tasty will help to increase sex drive and will add energy. Herbs need to grind, mix, and pour boiling water. Insist the mixture for long. It is recommended to add honey or sugar and jam to taste.

3. 100 grams of marjoram, the same of st. john's wort and mint, also, insist on boiling water. Tea made from three herbs, improves mood and condition.

4. The simple recipe involves the use of 10 tablespoons of tea from the mint and one liter of boiling water. All this is poured into a thermos and insist to half an hour. Virus of the healing elixir, it can be used twice a day by 250 ml. Is approximately half of Cup.

5. Prepare a refreshing berry-mint cocktail. To do this, take the ice cream, berry syrup and fresh mint. Dissolve 30 g of syrup into a glass of chilled boiled water and add 100-150 g of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. All this should be a good fit and are the result of the composition will successfully complement sprig of mint.

Interesting information

Mint has long been called the elixir of life and the herb of longevity, its beneficial properties have always been valued highly. Lotions from mint juice treat many diseases, including the skin. In a large number of diseases effectively helped decoction of mint and tea.

  • Even before the appearance of the advertisement is recorded the human use mint. Proof for tablets with cuneiform writing of the Assyrians, the presence inside the Egyptian tombs, the works of Matthew in the gospel
  • Did you know that there was a goddess by the name of Minthe, who gave the name mint?
  • In the old Russian families took baths with the healing procedures, with the use of the mint
  • Milk will not sour if put in the mint leaves

The most popular 3 types of mint:

  1. Pepper. Did you know that it is not independently appeared on the plants in nature? It is an artificial hybrid of garden and water mint. Many of the menthol in a mint. High levels of it allows you to use peppermint for medicinal purposes. A large number of the disease can be treated with it, for example, rheumatism, allergies, respiratory disease.

  2. Meadow or field. As a mint called wild, because she needs attention. Grow a wild variety in Russia, in India, Asia and Nepal.

  3. Fragrant. Popular in the cooking class. Has a strong aroma of mint makes this an imperative in beverage products and cooking.

Melissa and potency

Similar to mint, the herb is Melissa. It is very similar to the mint of the effects. Mint and potency of men may have good relations with the observance of the measures, and how to be with Melissa? This plant can help in combating insomnia, relieving dermatitis, herpes, inflammation of the mouth, dandruff, edema, and headache. Melissa and mint calms the nerves, helps to get rid of vomiting and nausea. Damage Melissa too exaggerated. Phytoandrogens Melissa has no negative impact. Tea with lemon balm is effective in the pain in the heart, in General, when a disorder of heart rhythm, and chronic fatigue.

The taste of the lemon balm a bit different from the taste of mint, so important periodically to be replaced with a mint lemon balm, brew the tea by slicing or salad. This herb will serve as an excellent seasoning for fish and meat, and do not bring the body men any harm