Potency in 50 years

A man of any age wants to be the best, especially when it comes to sexual life, and so when potency after 50 years it becomes weaker, many fall into depression, withdraw, refuse intimacy. According to statistics, more than 60% of men are facing this problem.


In reality, the number is much higher, many simply hesitate to go to the doctor. But, if the time for you to find a reason for the decreased potency, good erections will become the norm for many years.

The reasons for the deterioration

Male potency is a very delicate mechanism, the high quality of the work depends on many factors. Hormones, psychological factors, General state of health directly affects the quality of sexual life. And if at a young age the body can easily deal with the difficulties and problems with potency, almost does not occur, then the older you become, the more chasing a man problems with erection quality and sexual relations.

The critical drop in the hormone testosterone, which directly affects the sexual activity. His level is reduced immediately, from about 30 years ago, the hormone that reduces a little bit, and potency is normal, then by age 50, most men show the first signs of androgenic deficiency. If you delay the treatment of a specialist and to choose the right treatment, recovery of potency in men will take much more time.

Chronic diseases. The penis acts as an indicator of the health of the men, any health problem directly affects the quality of sexual life. To reduce the potential impact of cardiovascular diseases. The poor performance of the heart muscle which will lead to deterioration of blood circulation in the penis, which may reduce the erection. Narrowing of the vessels due to cholesterol plaques, also, hinders the normal blood flow in the penis.

In addition, with age the elasticity of blood vessels decreases, and the penis consists of many small blood vessels, and therefore, there is a lack of power;the increased blood sugar causes weakness in the hormonal system, leading to metabolic disturbances and disorders in the functioning of the prostate gland. In men after age 50 with diabetes very low testosterone, obesity, fat men have low potency; diseases of the genitourinary system, chronic prostatitis.

To potency in men were normal without physical activity is not enough. Sedentary work, too, becomes the reason for lowering of potency due to stagnation of blood in the pelvic area, which leads to deterioration of blood supply to the penis. Alcohol and cigarettes also causes a reduced potency after 50 years. A small amount of alcohol, and can even become a kind of aphrodisiac, but long-term use will certainly lead to weak erections.

Constant stress, problems in work and family, lead to a reduction of libido, reduction of number of sexual crimes, and this leads to stagnation of blood.

Due to all these reasons, it is not surprising that the question "How to increase the volume after 50 years" is relevant to most of men have achieved a half century of existence. But, we should not try to deal with the problem, under the guidance of the experts to choose the most effective treatment and to eliminate the cause.


Recovery power

Modern medicine is not in place, and currently available a large number of medications that improve potency, but many of them do not eliminate the cause and the effect of the return will be temporary. To choose the right remedy can be a doctor, how many assets has a number of contraindications.

To achieve improvement of the power can be and folk remedies, their application is usually effective for minor deterioration in potency at an early stage.


To improve potency, available in a variety of forms of medications:

  • Pills are the most popular remedies enabling you to enhance the potency;
  • Injections are the most rapidly bring the penis back to normal, and reliable, but requires careful use, as well as the risk of damage to the penis, and painful erection decay;
  • Local gels, the fat that is injected directly into the urethra prior to sexual intercourse, which are considered to be the least popular drug strengthening of erection.

In addition to the inconvenience of use and low efficiency, many men have they can cause pain in the inguinal region, and testes, and in women a burning sensation in the vagina. Benefits include the virtual absence of contraindications.

Part medications can enter and synthetic and natural ingredients increases blood flow to the penis. These medications should be taken with caution by men with high blood pressure; activation of NO synthesis thanks to this smooth muscles relax, which leads to the improvement of the circulation.

These drugs do not causes an increase in blood pressure, so they are more suitable for men after 50 years.

Alpha-blockers, to improve blood circulation and enhance libido. Hormonal drugs that increase the levels of testosterone, are used only on prescription, if much reduced levels of the hormone.

Recently advertised dietary SUPPLEMENTS and homeopathic remedies that help to increase the strength, but in order to achieve the desired effect requires prolonged use, and the efficiency is quite low. Therefore, these medications are better suited to support the health of men, is normal.

Folk remedies

In folk medicine there are many recipes that help to increase the volume after 50 years. These methods have passed the test of time, they have less side effects and contraindications.

The most popular are the drugs, based on the ginseng root. They not only enhance erection, but also improve sexual sensation. Preparations of ginseng can be bought in a drugstore, or make your own. To prepare the tincture at home you need 20 grams of ginseng root and 300 ml of alcohol. Root insist in the dark for 2 weeks and take 20 drops for 14 days before eating, and after a 10 day break to repeat the course.

Also are proven to increase the volume fenugreek seeds 20 g of seeds pour a glass of warm milk and drink once a day. You can try to restore sexual strength onion soup. 3 onions pour 500 ml of boiled water, to insist 24 hours. Drink the decoction 3 times a day before meals.

Sometimes, in order to improve potency in 50 years, it is enough to adjust to your way of life and diet. In the diet of males after 50 years, you should include foods that contain a lot of vitamins D, C, e, zinc, selenium. You will need to give up Smoking, try drinking less alcoholic beverages. The man of fifty is advisable to spend more time in the fresh air, exercise.