What affects potency in men: the main favorable and unfavorable factors

Men's health depends on many factors. The preservation of their physical ability to the desire for love and for the production of offspring is one of the most important aspects of a strong half of mankind.

However, with age, to maintain good potency becomes difficult. If you know what affects the body, some harmful effects, as well as methods of prevention are available, it can be old to feel young and energetic that will be noticed, also, by others.

Factors that influence the health of men,

To maintain good potency of ripe old age is quite difficult, since the male body have an impact:

  • stress;
  • rare visits to the gym;
  • the unbalanced diet;
  • the difference between the normal weight parameters, depending on the age and development;
  • drinking of large quantities of the drug;
  • bad habits, and much more.

To understand what affects the potency, it is necessary to consider in more detail the specific factors.

Some scientists argue that gold has a negative influence on physical activity among men. However, this threatens only to those men who wear tight rings for a long time. Gold can oxidize, releasing harmful chemical elements, of which suffered cancer of men.

However, in order to avoid any harmful effects sufficient to carry the jewelry in the size and regular cleaning of gold with special compounds. Women can and do not worry about it, because their hormonal system is protected.


After 35 years, eggs start to reduce the synthesis of testosterone by 1-2% per annum. Changes in the male body happen faster. However, this does not mean that the problems arise from the total male population.

If the person abuses alcohol, smokes, has bad habits and not paying attention to the physical training, the age of problems with potency will only get worse.

In the old the more common problems that affect power is not the best way:

  • the reduction of the spermatogenesis;
  • chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • surgery, transferred to the spine;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • pressure;
  • diabetes

All these problems lead to the extinction of the sexual function of men.

The value of sexual activity

Regular sex life has a positive effect on human health, as well as the effect of increasing its potency.

Scientific studies have allowed us to draw some interesting conclusions about the benefits of an active sex life:

  • stable sex increases strength;
  • erection problems disappear, the orgasm becomes more vivid;
  • sexual intercourse stimulates the production of testosterone;
  • with regular sexual contact is not an obstacle for the process of replacement of tissues of testicles the body's connective tissue.

However, everything should be in moderation. Unprotected sexual intercourse with different partners leads to the risk of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis are the causes of male infertility.

Physical activity

Great physical shape has a positive effect on potency. Being overweight is the first enemy of men health.

problems with potency

Thickness leads to the following consequences:

  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • herniation;
  • the increased pressure;
  • strokes and heart attacks;
  • depression;
  • hormonal failure;
  • erectile dysfunction and a decrease in the number of motility.

Of course, the extra weight affects the volume only from the negative aspect. Measures for weight normalization will be the best tool on the road to recovery and to increase the strength and to get good results.

You forgot to mention swimming, or yoga. It is believed that these sports in the best way affect the male potency.

Medical report

There are three groups of diseases that have the greatest impact on male potency.

Genitourinary system

The effect of prostatitis on the potency is huge. If the prostate is inflamed, it leads to chronic infections of the urinary retention, cystitis and the beginning of the inflammatory process in the bladder, the renal pelvis.

BPH the potency, has a negative impact. Inflammation of the urethra, the appearance of specific pathogens, such as Trichomonas, chlamydia, gonococci, you can progress through the urinary system, you will suffer and the prostate, and epididymis.

Cardiovascular disease

Pressure directly affects the vasculature in the penis. Narrowing of the vessels, slowing of blood circulation in the genitals – all this is called hypertension, which affects the male potency is not the best way.

the decision-problem

However, to prevent negative consequences if it is possible to constantly maintain the pressure in the norm. The flow of blood will continue, that will be a factor on the road to recovery.

Addiction to bad habits

So the potency of stress, depression which occur due to various reasons? Of course! And wrong lifestyle and bad habits also have a negative impact. It is not surprising, because of all these problems can be attributed to the nervous system diseases and mental disorders, which in medicine is called psychogenic impotence.

You can increase the pressure, lost sexual attraction, no desire for sexual intercourse. All this leads to reduced potency.

Whether varicose veins of power?

The strength is, as it were, of the problems of varicose veins do not need to have. The exception may be only the feeling of pain. However, disturbed reproductive function, and this is leads to the impossibility of conception of the child. Time prescribed treatment will get rid of the pain in the scrotum and provide the opportunity to have children.

Many wonder: does inguinal hernia of power? The answer is Yes. This is one of the most serious pathologies that reduce the male potency. Excessive weight, heredity, prostatitis is the cause of the hernia. Timely surgical intervention allows you to quickly forget the problem.

The level of sugar in the blood need to control and monitor their diet, such as diabetes affect the power in most cases.

The pancreas is unable to cope with the function of the hormone insulin, which leads to disruption of the vascular system of the body, and with it, potency. Not diabetes of physical attraction men? Of course not, but the process of erection can occur spontaneously.

However, this problem can be overcome if the methods for the normalization of blood sugar and sugar in the blood. The correct therapy and treatment should appoint a doctor.

There are other disease:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • diseases of the brain and spinal cord (chemo);
  • epilepsy;
  • coding (stress on the body);
  • alcoholism treatment;
  • adenoma of the prostate.

Important! The treatment of these diseases all sorts of drugs can also affect potency. You should carefully study the instructions and to buy drugs strictly on prescription!

A solution to the problem

If you know what determines the volume, and listen carefully to your body, a man will always feel the libido and feel great. However, you also need to follow certain tips.

Problems in everyday life, lead to the violation of potency, stress, depression, it all just reduces the physical desire of the man. Here by a woman, too much depends on, because the text affects the volume most direct way.

Coming home, the man should forget about their problems, fatigue, irritation. The house should be peaceful, prepared the bath and a delicious dinner. It is better to give the man some rest, listen to soft music and to view a favorite movie.

A woman can wear beautiful jewelry, gold and linen. You can offer a man to do porn, but not where there is depraved pornography, but it is better to stay on the beautiful eroticism. Porn will lead the two partners and will allow you to feel energized.

the problem with potency-resolved

To improve the circulation of blood in the morning is to take a contrast shower for potency, which should be moderately hot and cold.

If neither the porn nor the caresses of the woman does not bring results, then you should consult a doctor, who can prescribe the necessary medications and food.


Regular exercise, intake of vitamins and foods that contain calcium and vitamin C and E, as well as avoiding harmful habits this will lead to a normalization of sexual life of men.