What is the potency

What is the potency

It has long been man's force (power) equated the ability to be a father and to continue the race, which is considered a great blessing, a gift of nature. At the moment the word potency needed wider meaning — not only to be a father, but also to satisfy a woman. Usually, the word potency only applies to men and their sexuality. For male potency is a necessary criterion for a full sexual life. However, what is this potency? Why is it necessary and what affects him.

What is the potency

The meaning of the word power is the ability to perform an action, to create, to perform, to produce. Power and ability are synonyms of potency.

In sexology in the narrower sense of male potency is the ability of man to perform the reproductive function.

Is characterized by:

  • the ability to ejaculation and the number of quality;
  • erectile function and speed of its manifestation;
  • the duration of the sexual contact;
  • the ability to satisfy and please a woman.

What is potency in the broader sense, is the ability for sexual life. This is a man is the ability to be a father, the Strength of the man should not be equated with the frequency of sexual contacts, opportunities, sex drive, erection. All of these terms are not synonymous, but they are only parts of this concept.

Components potency

The component parts of male potency:

  1. Libido – the desire of a man to a woman.
  2. Erection hardening and a significant increase in penis volume due to effusion of blood and filling this corpora cavernosa. An erection is responsible for the ability to conduct sex.
  3. The functionality of the sperm, which means that their speed and quality for procreation.

Each component of the power depends on a number of factors. Also, the sex drive depends on hormone testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone that is produced by the testes and the adrenal cortex, takes an active part in the development of sperm and is responsible for their qualitative improvement. Testosterone can also affect men's mood and resistance against stress and depression. Takes a major role in the process of combustion of fats and maintaining muscle mass.

The biggest effects of the erection is health of men,

Testosterone synthesis is directly related to age, environment, and way of life and diet. In addition, the male libido is under the influence of the emotional state, which depends on the environment and the resistance of the negative influences from the outside.

Testosterone is synthesized actively in the process of sexual maturation. Peak concentrations in the blood accounts for 25-30 years. After starting its gradual reduction.

On erectile function effect of age, the younger a person, the better the cardiovascular system, providing blood flow in the penis. Of the erection affects the weight and accumulated fat, which negatively affects all organs. Plays an important role and the negative impact on the environment.

The greatest impact of erection is mens health. Inflammatory processes of infectious or bacterial origin, affecting the genitourinary system that may cause temporary or permanent loss of erection.

Good potency has a beneficial effect on the entire organism, in particular, regular sex enhances blood flow and rejuvenate the body.


Contrary to the notion of power in men is impotence – the inability to satisfy the sexual needs. Impotence is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection, premature ejaculation, lack of pleasure from sexual intercourse. Impotence is associated with impaired blood flow and poor blood flow to the penis tissues.

Potency in men depends on such components such as:

Bad habits vlyayut of power
  1. Temperament and genetic predisposition, male power and energy inherent of the nature and heredity.
  2. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Malfunction of this important system of the organism, leads to a sufficient flow of blood in the penis.
  3. Diseases of the genitourinary system.
  4. Disruptions of the hormonal and diabetes lead to insufficient synthesis of hormones, necessary to maintain the potency of the good level or its complete disappearance.
  5. Being overweight is the cause of the synthesis of a large number of female hormones and the insufficient number of men. The lack of male hormones leads to a decrease of the attraction of the opposite sex. Excess weight creates stress on the cardiovascular system and interferes with freedom of movement.
  6. Age. The older a man is, the less of a hormone testosterone his body produces. Also, men are more likely to develop various diseases that negatively affect potency.
  7. Malignant tumors that affect the organs of the cardiovascular or nervous system.
  8. Unstable psycho-emotional status of men, leads to a decrease of the libido and the desire. Causes are stress, depression, anxiety, fear, excitement.
  9. Bad habits: abuse of alcohol-containing products, tobacco Smoking, use of narcotic drugs.

How to preserve potency

Always is a strong power need to know all about potency, including ways for the maintenance of:

For good potency male you need to eat right
  1. In order to keep male power need to rethink your diet and to limit the use of a large number of fried, spicy and salty. Products in the daily diet should be useful and contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins. For men, it is important to eat foods rich in zinc, selenium, vitamins D, C and b: nuts, dairy products, seafood, meat low-fat varieties, fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetables.
  2. To get rid of the extra pounds that interfere with the normal functioning of the body and to reduce the male's sexuality.
  3. Lead an active lifestyle doing special exercises for the improvement of the potency. The complex of exercises includes the preparation of the pubic-coccygeal muscle, which increases blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  4. To unsubscribe from the abuse of alcohol and Smoking. To avoid stressful situations, worry, anxiety. Sleep eight hours a day.

Male potency is the ability and the desire of men to have sexual contact, which also influences reproductive function. For the maintenance of the health of men, it is important to know what potency, what it depends on and how to support it. Powerful power depends on many factors and is a consequence of a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.