Small penis: methods to enlarge the

How to increase length of a member, or is his height? Some of the men do not take into account the size of your penis by a perfect and willing to go to great lengths for the sake of increasing it. Also, is it possible to at home?

How to increase length of a member?

small dick

At the moment, there are a lot of people who believe that the size of their member is not adequate to satisfy your partner, and begin to doubt their abilities.

However, before you can decide the length and width of the penis is not enough, you need to determine what is a normal penis size, and what should be its ideal size, according to the girls. You may also need to be brought to their capabilities there is no reason to.

How to increase penis size? You can do this at the moment, with the use of a variety of different methods. Is both a surgical and non-surgical methods.

Fat and pills

Expert scientists believe that the positive effect of these resources is anything but easy, since the product does not impact in any way on the body, and it has a placebo effect.

Such a view is difficult to refute, because at the moment there is no reliable test which would confirm the fact that the use of such tools really in any way affects the length or width of the penis.

It's safe to say that these are the fat, and the pills are a negative effect on a man's body is not to be, as well as in their composition almost always has ginseng, various herbs, yohimbe (herbal viagra). The use of such means, perhaps, to strengthen the body, and the size of the article would have no effect at all.

The exercises and weights to increase penis size

The manufacturers claim that each day after 8 hours of wearing the similar attribute, it is possible to achieve a penis enlargement of a few centimeters. However, this method is very doubtful, because in this way you can keep the skin of the sexual organ.

Before you begin to perform a variety of exercises that are supposed to have an impact on the length and width of your penis, you need to understand that penis size is not the bicep. To pump it is next to impossible.

And in addition to that, the network is continuing to gain in popularity, a variety of training courses, which kind of helps you to change the size of your penis. For example, one of these will be referred to as the "jelcing". They say that it includes a lot of the exercises, from the Arabic technique, which have come down to us from ancient times.

A vacuum pump

The result is a vacuum that stimulates the flow of blood to the sexual organ, on the other hand, he gets so excited, and visually, it is, of course, be increased.

At the end of the procedure, the base of the penis, is fixed a small ring that prevents rapid outflow of blood. Even though this is a popular technique to consider this method safe, it is not possible, such as:

  • don't be turned off premature impotence in a patient;
  • it is likely to damage the blood vessels, resulting in bruising;
  • it has been soft tissue damage.

In addition, after the penis has been removed the ring will be exactly the same size as it was before.

Increase penis size surgically

In the journal European urology today," before 10 years of age, published an article in which it was stated that the maximum duration, which can increase your penis size, does not exceed 3 cm. At this point the men offer to do one of two operations.

An increase in the length

It is no secret that, due to the presence of a small rope, a male penis attaches to the pelvis. We have the support of the ligaments, firmly attached to the genital area, and hide part of it in the back of the body.

The operation involves the relief of the tension of the ligaments, which is achieved due to the fact that they have to be cut down. As a result, after the operation, the greater part of the penis becomes visible. However, there is a risk that, in the future, the connections will start to grow again.

In order to avoid such side effects, the man will be each and every day, for about 6 months, wearing it on the penis and a special equipment.

The sec greater latitude in the

However, after a certain amount of time the doctors figured out that fatty areas start to deteriorate and, as a result of this, the country does not seem to be smooth. Then he started to do another operation, in which the article is embedded in a tissue transplanted from a genetically similar organism, which is used in a variety of types of reconstructive surgery.

A Doctor, George. Rosenthal claims that after the surgery, the side effects, as well as in the previous case, no. The result is really to be achieved, and it lasts for more than a year. But, alas, no one will be able to give you an absolute guarantee that the donor tissue at the transplant will be a concern, as it should be.

In addition to these two common methods, there are others. For example, if a patient is seriously overweight, has increased the size of the penis can be visually with the aid of liposuction. During the time of the operation, at the base of the penis and remove the fatty tissue.

What conclusions can be drawn concerning the methods of penis enlargement?

Also, if the man will try to change the size of your penis, with these funds and not getting the desired result, he or she can fall into a major depression that it can even trigger the emergence of psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

This is a problem you will need to be removed with the help of the drug. Also, the lack of self-confidence can cause premature ejaculation, and of which, moreover, has a negative influence on the quality of your sex life.

To truly increase the length and width of a member is possible only through surgical intervention. In any of the other methods and the very best will not have the result that, in the worst cases it can even hurt you. Before deciding on any procedure, please consult with your doctor and weigh all the "pros" and "cons".

The truth about penis enlargement

It is considered that the masculinity is supposed to be of a considerable size. Well, let's not be those for you to fill in the boots, but still. A lot of men are complex because of the small size of its main body, and begin to look for different ways to increase it, for the happiness of the Internet is full of ideas. However, a lot of them, you will not help but hurt.

Do I need to run

a penis enlargement.

We have analyzed the most popular techniques that are offered today to enlarge the penis. For it to be shut off, as they say, the wheat from the chaff.

A lot of eye-catching it is an opportunity to expand the self-sense of its dignity, with the help of a coach, and referred to as extender. I can promise you that it is the mechanical parts of the body, at 4-5 cm, and even increase its volume of 1.5 cm.

And still — try to reduce the interference and increase the libido.

In spite of the fact that a lot of men say that the method helps a member increase in a few months to 1-2 cm), all of them said the pain relief while wearing the device, which, by the way, you need to make each and every day. It's embarrassing. In addition, the extender helps to do not all. If the reduced elasticity of the tunica of the penis is there, it's useless.

Factors influencing the length member:

  • heredity
  • the characteristics of the growth and development of the
  • hormonal status of the
  • violations of fetal development

To RUB or not to RUB

It's even more dubious way, to increase your member, rubbing it with the magic creams and gels that are sold in large quantities.

If you believe the advertising, thanks to the tanning agents in a time period of just one Sunday, you can bring the male body to a gigantic size. In the meantime, however, the doctors say that creams for penis enlargement — no more than a "Scam".

As a matter of fact, if they have the means to be able to penetrate deeper than the epidermis, they will have to be registered as a medicine and in a free market they would not exist. In the best case, the cream won't hurt.

However, the introduction under the skin of the penis, gels, pastes, paraffin oil, it is fraught with dangerous consequences, to the loss of the skin of the penis, and even the ability to have an erection. In these patients, you need to work to save up the penis and go back to its functions

However, a vacuum pump, which creates pressure that allegedly led to the increase of another is a common method for the Web), it may contribute to the rupture of a blood vessel. In addition to this, the experts have recognized, the method is totally ineffective. Of the massages which offer some of the artisans, or the exercise, it is also, most likely, there will not be a good judge. How do you enlarge a penis

A man by the size of the area significantly less than the national average, is not going to solve their problems, the smeared area a cream or hanging on it's use. He needs to seek medical help.

Today, the only truly effective method of problem solving be intimate problems, as the doctors have called the surgery, that will really help you to increase your body up to 5 cm, there are indications and contraindications. In addition, it is not always the body needs to be increased.

The size of an average penis at rest is approximately 9 cm, erect, about 15. It's a statistic, it is an ideal for which to strive.

How to increase the penis size (all modes)

The ability to increase the penis size has always been a concern for men. Research has shown that approximately 30-40 % of men are unhappy with the size of the penis. And it should created the myth that the bigger the penis the better, leads us to the fact that such an extreme it becomes more and more. In this respect, medicine does not stand still and is constantly evolving in terms of technologies and devices in order to increase not only the length but also the thickness of your penis.

The basic techniques of the

Today, there are a few techniques that help them to increase the thickness of the penis. The undoubted advantage is the fact that all of them are suitable for use in the home. Thus, among the key techniques, it is important to note the following:

  1. A manual method.
  2. The vacuum pump system.
  3. Extender.
  4. A medical method based on the use of hormonal therapy.
  5. Surgery.

Let's explore each method in more detail:


One of the easiest methods of penis enlargement, according to the men. Most importantly, the method does not have side-effects on the body of a man, and does not require that the financial costs of hiv / AIDS. For increasing the penis size in length and girth. To this end, a variety of activities.

It is important to understand that, technically, the increase in size implies a stretching of the tissues of the corpus cavernosum, and the thickness can be provided for their expansion. If you are calling the manual method, the stretching of the tissues of the penis, for men it is easy to extend, the necessary condition to sustain an erection during a certain period of time. This in turn increases the risk of injury.

Exercise to increase thickness of the penis is most effective in an erection. To begin training, you need to have loads of low intensity, then you will be able to gradually increase the severity and complicate the exercise. Don't forget that before you can begin the training necessary to warm up the fabric.

Most of the speed, this can be done with the use of warm water and a washcloth. Another important aspect is the presence of a number of lubrication, you can use any gel based lubricant. When you drill a "dry" without heating tissue to a high risk of injury to the penile tissues.

After the design has continued to be practiced:

  1. It starts with a caress.
  2. Gradually add to the pressure on the penis to the maximum erection.
  3. With one hand, take place in the area at the base of the penis and the other to gently pull the area of the head.
  4. To continue to stall for about a minute, after which the pressure relax, and then repeat all over again.

There is another option of exercise for the increase of the thickness of the penis, at home. The preparatory stage will be like, what it is, don't forget about the heating and lubrication. Then grasp the penis at the head and gradually started to stretch and compress. At the time of the maximum voltage, needs to be delayed for a couple of seconds.

When you do this exercise, it is recommended that you make a relaxing massage that helps to restore the circulation. The downside is the length of the process.


This method not only helps you to boost the length and thickness of your penis, but also to get rid of impotence. The vacuum pump is for men, it is a cylinder with a pump. In this capacity, it puts the penis and the pump gradually pump out air from the cylinder. As a result, it is possible to achieve a significant increase the penis size in a short period of time.

The fillers is less popular than the vacuum pump. That is, it is not recommended for use in males by the presence of anatomical abnormalities of the structures of the genitourinary system. The advantage is a painless, effectiveness and no side effects.

The extender allows you to adjust the tension to stretch the penis size. In the future, for the best results, you have to be if you want to use a special rod.

It is believed that the result can be felt after one month from the start of the service. It is important to note that the device does not stretch the cells of the structural elements of the body, and help increase their numbers.

Therefore, the results last for a long time.